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Regular Auctions




As individuals or organizations, anyone or any group is allowed to sell appropriate items at the ComeToTheFarm Auction for the generation of personal or group income.  There is no fee for listing or selling items.  Our Banner Advertising helps us to maintain the auction for your free use.   


For Information on Benefit Auctions GO HERE

What can I sell or donate?

               Virtually anything that can be used by someone else!   In addition to live animals, books, gifts, equipment, supplies, how about something you make? Something unique you purchased? ( would be perfectly acceptable to donate or sell something you purchased at another online auction!) Maybe a nice basket of your homemade goodies? Gift baskets of any kind are always popular (especially with a picture to show it!). Custom Artwork? Web designing? Something your club has as a fundraiser?

How do I list/post my item/donation?

         First, you need to register.  After reviewing the Auction information, you will then complete the registration.  After receiving your password, you're then ready to  post your item! You can be creative and use some html, or just type it in.  We suggest you create your listing using a word processor and then copy and paste into the description field.  This makes it easy for you to put back in case the server "hiccups" and the page goes down right as you are putting in your information!   It's easy just to paste it in there again!  Please remember to list your physical location, as this will help interested parties know where the item is!  Also indicate who pays for shipping.  Proofread carefully! 

Can I add a picture?

           Absolutely!  Pictures will definitely enhance the marketability of your donation or sales item, and there's no charge!  You can have it on your website and provide the URL when you list it. If you do not have a web site, you can upload a gif or jpeg (suggest around 200 x200) and we will provide space for it on our site.  When you preview, you should be able to see the picture.  If not, then the URL you listed is probably incorrect.  An example of the URL might be:

The easiest way to add the URL is to go to the webpage where it appears, right click on "properties" of the image and then copy the URL and paste in the area on the listing/posting page.  Users have noticed that sites on Geocities will sometimes not allow the images to be referenced.  If that is the case, just upload it from your hard drive, using the image upload feature..

How long will this last?

       Some of the Benefit Auctions may only run a month or so.  This is a joint decision between the Auction Administrators and Khimaira.  We expect the General Auction will be available for your use for many years to come!

PLEASE NOTE:   Neither Khimaira nor ComeToTheFarm has any responsibility to buyer or seller other than specified above.   

More FAQs for ComeToTheFarm Auction

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who determines the minimum or starting bid?

The seller (the person who posted the item) decides where he or she wants the bidding to begin at. Usually this is (and should be) just below the lowest price acceptable for the item. If you bid, currently the system will ask you to bid the starting price.  This may soon be changed to be  PLUS the Bid Increment.  Sellers are encouraged to start items at a reasonable amount and not absurdly high. Buyers like the auction process because it allows bargain shopping. If an item is priced right, people recognize the bargain and bid on it.

What is the Bid Increment?

The Bid Increment  raises the bidding each time by that minimum amount (you can always bump it up even higher or enter a Proxy Bid, in which case the system will bid either the bid increment or enough of your stated amount to make you the leading bidder. The purpose of the bid increment is to keep someone from outbidding you by some silly amount like $.01. It protects you and assures the seller of getting a decent return if the item is hotly contested.

Okay, what are Proxy or MaxBids?

There are several systems of "proxy" bids; i.e. the system bidding for you automatically. The system in this  software is called "MaxBid." Think of 'Max' as someone who stays and watches the auction 24 hours a day while you're off doing more interesting stuff, like farm chores!  You activate 'Max' by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item into the "place bid" box. The system will then bid for you, bidding only enough to make you the high bidder. If someone tops that bid, good old 'Max' places another bid for you and so on up to the maximum amount you've specified. Under no circumstances will 'Max' ever bid MORE than you said. But the system will send you e-mail about an outbid and you can give 'Max' a few more bucks to play with, if you like. Just enter another bid amount. Please note:  the auction script will not allow you to bid against yourself.  For this reason, you cannot raise your max bid again until someone has topped your current max bid.  So, please consider having your proxy as high as you want to bid for the item!

What does using this auction cost and how do I qualify?

This auction is FREE!  We do offer Banner Advertising to help cover our costs, but the auction itself is completely free.    We also require that all sellers and buyers be registered. This enables our software to keep track of items for sale and who bids on what. It protects both us as auction providers and you as buyer and/or seller. Registration is simple and painless. Merely click on New Registration.  As another opportunity for promoting your products or business, you can place a Banner in our rotation.  It can be seen thousands of times as folks go from page to page in the auction! 

How do I bid?

Click on the name of items you'd like more information about. If you wish to place a bid, enter your bid in the box below the item, then just click on the "place bid" button nearby. We suggest that a good strategy for items you really want is to place the highest bid you are willing to pay. Otherwise, someone may beat you out. This system accepts proxy or maxbid bids (see Proxy Bids below). Should someone outbid you, the system sends you an e-mail notification with a link back here to the item. Click on the link right in your e-mail message and you will be returned to the directly to the item. You can then decide whether you want to raise your bid.

Why do I get a password/username error message when I try to bid?

The most common errors happen when you use upper case or lower case letters incorrectly.  The password is case -sensitive, which means your password must be exactly as it appears in the auction records.  The second problem comes frequently when folks copy and paste passwords and they inadvertently include a space before or after the letters in the password.  You will get a "cannot use non-numeric" error message.  Just try again, carefully including ONLY the letters!   If you have lost or forgotten your password, there's a Lost Password link at the bottom of every page and on the Quick Jump menu.  If you've forgotten your Username, there's a Forgot Username link  too!

What are Reserve Bids?

Sometimes (and our system supports this) a seller enters a Reserve Bid. For example, his Model 384T Golden Widget sells for $100 new. He or she decides to place a starting bid of $1 on the item but they want to get at least $80 for it. So a reserve bid of $80 is entered into the system. In such a case--even if you are the high bidder at, say, $60--you will not win the item unless you go over $80. We feel this is a poor auction strategy and wastes the time of buyers and sellers alike. We suggest this to sellers: enter the item at the least price you will accept, with no reserve.

How do I Post an item for sale?

Posting your items for sale here at ComeToTheFarm Auction is both free and easy. Simply register if you have not already . Our system automatically mails your password within usually a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait). Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to Modify Registration to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on Sell/Donate Item  on every auction screen. Fill in the form that pops up with a short descriptive title (make it snazzy to get people's attention).    Follow the rest of the directions.  If you using an image that is on your website somewhere, you do not need to Upload an image.  You simply put the URL in the location on the post screen.  An easy way to make sure you have the correct URL is to go to the image on your site (or wherever it is), right click and go to "Properties".   Then, copy the entire address (should end in jpg or gif) and place in the box indicated.  You can have up to two images! 

How do I find out more about a posted item?

If you have any questions about an item, by all means contact the seller and ask him or her . The seller's e-mail address is included on the item's page. Just click on it to send him or her mail. You can ask about condition of the item, payment and shipment terms, or anything else not already spelled out in the item's description.

How do I know I'm getting a good deal?

When buying something from someone--whether on the internet, in any kind of auction, or anywhere else--your best protection to be an informed buyer. In Latin: Caveat Emptor! The age-old warning of Buyer Beware! We do police this auction and make our best effort to keep it clean and pleasant, but we can give no blanket guarantee. You might read our Terms & Conditions page for more info on this. However, we also go to great lengths here to make sure you have plenty of great stuff at bargain prices to bid on.

How do I know I won?

The system automatically sends the buyer (highest bidder) and seller of the item e-mail when the auction ends. If you did not receive a message, there are two common reasons.  First, if you are using a free address with limits on mail storage, your message would not be delivered if you have exceeded your space.  Second, if your email address is not correct, then our message can't reach you!

The buyer and seller then are responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal by payment and shipment. If this is a Benefit Auction, payment is sent to the Auction Administrator.  Shipment is made to the buyer after that payment is received.  This auction merely offers a venue for buying and selling. We will not, nor cannot, be held responsible in any way for any lack of performance by any and all parties. We simply provide a place that allows people to buy and sell. HOWEVER, do let us know of any problems. We can and will banish anyone who abuses our auction.

What Happens If The Buyer Doesn't Pay?

We have implemented a way of telling others about "Problem" Buyers and Sellers.  Go Here for more information.



We hope you enjoy the Auction!



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