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An auction can be a lot of fun as well as a way to find wonderful "buys".  The good times can turn sour when the buyer doesn't pay promptly or the seller fails to ship the item on time.  In an effort to find ways to keep Benefit auctions from losing money to non-paying bidders and a way to keep Regular auctions humming along smoothly, we have carefully considered our options. 

We can remove non-paying bidders & non-shipping sellers from our list of registered member...but, sometimes the person is just having a problem with their computer or there is a family emergency.  We don't want to permanently penalize people for an occasional problem.  There are also times we've found that users create false registrations with the auction.  This is fraudulent!  Please note that we will pursue actions to ban such fraudulent users and to list them on our badactors page. 

We can encourage you to use the feedback option on our site...but, most of us hate to say bad things about others, don't we?

We can remind you that this is a legal agreement, and you can pursue legal action in small claims court... but, how many of us want to do that?

Or... you can use this page we have designed as a way to remind the non-paying bidder & the non-shipping sellers that they have not completed their agreement.

If you have a customer (whether a regular auction or a Benefit Auction) who has not provided payment within 30 days of the close of an Auction, (or less than that time if you had a shorter time for payment as part of your condition of sale), or if there is a Seller who has not provided the product you purchased, we can place their names here so that others will be aware of this and exercise caution and be duly informed when dealing with them. 

You need to provide us with the information, and show us that you have made an effort to communicate with the Buyer/Seller and have been unable to get results.  We will place the information here for others to see.  The names will be removed when payment is made or the items provided.

As a seller, if someone is listed on this page, you have the option of automatically going to the second highest bid if this person is the winning bidder.

We hope there will be few names to add to this page.  You can help by making sure you follow up at the close of an auction, and send payment or ship the item promptly.

Thanks for your help in making the Auction a useful tool for all.  Let's keep it fun!



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