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2 Few Acres
We started as a 4H project (and still are!!) in 1998 with 2 wethers. Very quickly my daughter thought that selling wethers at the end of the fair was a BAD idea. Since that time we have been breeding Lamanchas, Nubians, and recorded grades to show at the 4H fair and state fair. We have recently branched out into going to open shows and we all love it!! We currently have 30 animals - and we do offer stud service to both Nubian and Lamancha - 4H and FFA discounts apply - This year I am taking over as leader of our 4H goat club in Indiana - Clinton County. We hope to continue to enjoy and show our goats for many years to come Chris Grenard & Gina/ Miranda Rayburn Michigantown, Indiana
5645 E. Co. Rd. 200 n   Michigantown, IN   46057
Telephone: 765/249-3116
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian, Lamancha Recorded grades
1033512796   Posted: Tue Oct 1 18:53:16 2002

2-Bit Boer Ranch
It started in March 2004 when my husband brought home a new born calf that was rejected by her Mama. After a few weeks the calf seemed very lonely, so I got a 3 month old Boer doeling and named her Bella to become a friend to the calf we named Hope. They bonded immediately and became best friends and they still are today. Well, we fell in love with Bella and decided we have to raise Boer goats. We bought 15 acres in Bartlett, TX which is 20 miles from where we live, had it fenced, got a livestock trailer and an old truck and began to look for goats to buy. We traveled many miles and met many breeders and got some great goats. Our herd consist of mostly fullblood with bloodlines from EGGStreme, Sasquatch, Kaptein, Renoir/CODI, Lignite, Downen Big and more. We specialize in Reds, Paints, Blacks & Traditionals. After we bought the land, fencing, trailer, truck and goats we said we had 2-Bits left so that's how the name 2-Bit Boer Ranch came to be. We love the goats and have enjoyed all of the hard work. We are: Scott & Margie Turner 2-Bit Boer Ranch Bartlett, TX 512-415-6522
Telephone: 512-415-6522
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Boer
1125692990   Posted: Fri Sep 2 16:29:50 2005

B.S. Livestock, LLC
B.S. Livestock,LLC is a commercial meat goat producer.We are located in SW, Ohio. Our herds are mostly Fullblood, Purebred, percentage and commercial Boer goats. We have also added Kiko genetics to these herds. We have 100% NZ Kiko bucks. Also several FB & commercial Boer bucks. We have commercial & show quality goats for sale. Taking orders for 2006 Kids. We have special discounts for Ohio youth only that need a 4-H project(s). For Ohio residents,who want to start a meat goat business, we can design a starter package of goats to fit your business plan. Why buy a buck, when you can lease one from us. please visit our website: www,
505 Brooke Blvd   Wilmington, OH   45177
Telephone: 937-218-2622
  Species: goats,sheep
  Breed(s): Boer, Kiko,Dorper
1137703815   Posted: Thu Jan 19 15:50:15 2006

In 1998 our extended family decided to raise milk goats. Neighbors, Bill and Nell Martin, gave us a baby which died. The twin that they had also died so they gave us another baby. We raised her and she had a buck. Then we lost her. We were really new and didn't know anything about goats. We kept the buck and bought more does. Our daughters, Beverly Gregorie and Belinda Ethridge, our son, Gene Breeden, my husband, Harold, and me, Esther Breeden, started a corporation, H. E. Breeden, Ent. As time went on we began to realize that we had not only the two legged grand kids running around, but also the four legged grand kids also. So the name of Breeden's Grand Kids came into existance. Today the two legged grandkids are: Bridgette Adams, Lana Gregorie, Alysha Breeden, Melodee Breeden, Sam Howell, Ashley Smith, Devyn Breeden and Nancy Stover. We have 67 does, 11 bucks, and 49 grand kids so far. Welcome to the world of Breeden's Grand Kids!
4702 CR 2720   WILLOW SPRINGS, MO   65793
Telephone: 417-469-5014
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubians, Alpines, LaManchas, & ND cross
985032933   Posted: Mon Mar 19 15:15:33 2001

Bellview Goat Emporium
Owners are Rodney and Debbie Tanner in Murphy, N.C. We live in bellview community and raise fullblood boer breeding stock. However, there is no telling what you'll find at our "emporium".
98 Old Bellview Rd.   Murphy, NC   ga./tenn. borders
Telephone: 828-837-0586
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): boer
985050143   Posted: Mon Mar 19 20:02:23 2001

My name is Brittany Proctor. I started raising goats in 1996. My herd name comes from a book called the dictionary of phrase and fable. I get many of my animals names from there. I was looking for a name that had a nice ring to it, but that no one else would have anything like it. I did not want my herd confused with another herd. Brigliadore means golden bridle in ancient greek.
Telephone: (818) 364-6352
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Lamanchas & Saanens
988151641   Posted: Tue Apr 24 18:34:01 2001

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