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Hi my name is Patricia Benton well I raise Nubians(6does 2bucks), Nigerians(1doe 1buck), Lamanchas(4does 1 buck), Alpines(1 doe), and all my little cross goats(5does 2bucks one is just a month old)and of corse my rabbits 7 in all me and my teacher and my grandmother fought over what the herd name should be but mama finaly won I wanted something like daydreaming farm or something simalear well I guess mine is OK well I guess I have bored you long anofe oh I took over the farm after my Grandfather had died and got out of my stepmom's house long painfull story well bye
3711 Charley loop   Camden, AR   71701
Telephone: (870)231-4056
  Species: goat, geese ,dogs, cats, rabbits
  Breed(s): N, ND ,L ,A ,Pygmy ,Boar , stiff leg, kinko
1007687605   Posted: Thu Dec 6 20:13:25 2001

BerrysGH Farm
Some friends were over for the 4th of July and we were shooting fire works and bottle rockets. Jan (our friend) got tickeled when one of the bottle rockets went into a goat pen and spooked the goats. She was laughing so hard she couldn't think to say goat "pen" and called it a "goat-hole" so we combined our last name "Berry" with GH from "goat hole" and the name Berrys GH became our farm name. It's a funny that only we know unless we share it with others.
558 Hwy 84 W.   Glenwood, AR   71943
Telephone: (870)356-4589
  Species: goats, LGD's
  Breed(s): Boer, Nubian, Toggenbergs, Alpine,
1004031832   Posted: Thu Oct 25 13:43:52 2001

Big Boer Ranch
Stated in 1999 in Snowflake Az.Slowely building herd currently most background is from New Zeland.Planning on purchasing a S.A.buck this fall.
po box 801   Snowflake, AZ   85937
Telephone: 520 521 4514
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Boer & boer cross
985446618   Posted: Sat Mar 24 10:10:18 2001

Big Boers
We are just getting into Boers. We hope to raise Boer goats for all pursoses. Whether it be for show, breeding stock, meat or just a nice pet goat, try us out. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or want to get a goat down the road.
1149882165   Posted: Fri Jun 9 15:42:45 2006

Big Ridge Boer Goats
We started Big Ridge Boers in 1995 our names are David & Debi Dearmen we love our goats.We raise boer goats, LDG'S and a few Chickens.Fill free to contact us any time, we will do our best to help in any way we can.
rr.1 big ridge road   Haysi, VA   242565
Telephone: 276 -865-5914
  Species: Goats - Pyrennesse dogs
  Breed(s): boer
1142381413   Posted: Tue Mar 14 19:10:13 2006

Big Shoal Creek
Big Shoal Creek is a LaMancha-only dairy goat herd located in the beautiful northwest Arkansas community of New Blaine. Shoal Creek, an important waterway, flows through New Blaine into Lake Dardanelle and has two tributaries - Big Shoal Creek and Little Shoal Creek. Our farm is closer to Big Shoal Creek, hence the name. Big Shoal Creek LaManchas is owned by Tim & Shari Gehring. We've been raising goats for 16 years. We began with a small mixed herd of five does (two of whom had tiny little ears and wonderful personalities) and quickly settled on the LaManchas as our only breed. Our first purebred LaMancha doe was Bluff Top AI Cream Puff 4*M purchased in 1988 from Debbie Taylor in Dover, Arkansas. Many of Cream Puff's descendants are still in our herd!
1138 Gehring Ranch Rd.   New Blaine, AR   72851
Telephone: 501-938-2803
  Species: goats, cattle, dogs, cats
  Breed(s): LaMancha, Simmental, mutts
998490168   Posted: Wed Aug 22 10:22:48 2001

Big T Ranch
I started raising Alpines under the "Fanta-Sea's" Herd name and did very well with them. In 2003 I made the decision to sell all the Alpines, and breed Boers exclusivly. I also met husband that same year, and we wanted the boers to have a seperate herd name. So we finally settled on the "Big T" Herd name, and in that we sent in our memberships to the ABGA, and IBGA and we become official! We now have a foundation herd of quality fullbloods, and percentage boer goats. We offer Boer stud service. We frequently have quality animals for sale,and quality Show wethers for 4-H and FFA projects. Check us out at
P.O. Box 721442   Pinon Hills,   92372
Telephone: (760)868-0827
  Species: Boer Goats
  Breed(s): breed
1111555513   Posted: Wed Mar 23 00:25:13 2005

BillyGoat Bluff
We live in the nice rolling hills about 10 miles from the Missippi River. We have 53 acres most of which is woods. We pretty much own a y shaped valley with a nice creek. We love animals, had pygmies for years, so when my wife wanted to stay home to raise our children.... goats came to mind. So we needed a name, and a memorable one, so I came up with BillyGoat Bluff, we are on the bluffs (as they call them here). Slowly our woods are being turned into wooded pasture for the herds. We started planning for this in 2000. The last 2 years we have been buying stock and building. Right now we have Tennessee Fainters (myotonic, but I prefer Tennesee Stiff Legged for a name). We started with TexMasters from OCR but fell in love with the fainter breed itself. Very hardy, Very friendly, Very good moms, zero trouble birthing. Our TexMasters told us when they were birthing, so we helped. The Fainters, we turned about and plop there was a new kid. No noise except for the kid. Wow, thats easy birthing! Our goal was to provide both a meat source for local muslims and wethers/pets/breeders. 2004 should be our good year with estimated 30+ kids. 2005 should be around 60+, about double each year till we cant hold any more! :-) Our goal is to keep 150-250 breeders.
RR2 Box11B   Lewiston, MN   55952
Telephone: 507 523-3647 (online alot, email is best)
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Fainter, TexMaster (Fainter/Boer Cross)
1057511454   Posted: Sun Jul 6 13:10:54 2003

Black Mesa Ranch
Black Mesa Ranch, Arizona's only certified goat dairy is home to a small but exceptional herd of fine registered Nubian goats.

The goats browse free-range over our 280 high-desert acres to their hearts content protected by their three Anatolian livestock guardian dogs but always show up at the milking parlor twice a day for milking. The rich, creamy milk gets turned into exquisite farmstead artisan cheeses on a daily basis which we sell from the ranch, in local stores and through our Internet store front

In addition to fine cheeses we also sell bottle-raised Nubian kids (seasonally) and the occasional packing wether or family milker.

The dairy was certified in the fall of 2003 and we won a number of national awards for our cheeses and candies at the ADGA convention in 2004. Please visit our extensive web site or contact Kathryn (herd manager) or David (cheesemaker) for more information.
POB 1656   Snowflake, AZ   85937
Telephone: (928) 536-7759
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): breed
1107715915   Posted: Sun Feb 6 13:51:55 2005

Blackfoot Sables
I wanted to have the word Sables in my herdname, since we are so involved in getting sables recognized by ADGA, and everytime I mentioned the word Sables at that time, it caused such a flack...kind of ornery of me, if you know what I mean. I was bound and determined to get the term Sables into something in ADGA... smile. And the term Black Sheep of the family popped into my mind. But I didn't want to call them Blacksheep, now did I? So the part Black was OK, but not the sheep. As I run around barefoot so much of the came to me...Blackfoot Sables... rather a boring tale I know, but had to come from somewhere...
RR1 Bx 221G   Gladstone, IL   61437
Telephone: 309-627-2355
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Sables, Saanens
1006741796   Posted: Sun Nov 25 21:29:56 2001

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