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Chateau Briant Farm
Chateau Briant Farm was started in 1970 as a 4-H project for our three sons, Robert Jr., Philip and Mark. It began with the purchase of a bred Nubian doe (bred to a Saanen buck)who freshened with a doe kid on July 4th and was named Betsy, who had a distinguished career in the show ring as a grade doe. A Toggenburg doe was bought for Robert Jr. and an Alpine for Mark. There are many precious memories of the boys growing up in 4-H with their dairy goat projects and their efforts in the show ring. They remain in our hearts to be cherished often. Bob & Evellyn Cassette
17 Berry Road   Saco,   04072
Telephone: (207)284-6440
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): ALpines and Nubians
985094554   Posted: Tue Mar 20 08:22:34 2001

Cricket's kids
Hi! my name is Cindy. It all started when son Ron wanted a 4-H doe and so we went in serch of a nice doe for him to show. My husband Ron and myself were hooked when we started going to help our son with fair and his first open class show. This all started in 1996. So we began our serch for a herd name. We came up with Cricket's kids because "Cricket" was my grandmother's nick name and also crickets like to just and so do young spirited goats. My grandmother used to tell us many storys of her childhood growing up on a farm with many animals. So that is how we came up with our herd name Cricket's kids.
49202 Garfield Road   Oberlin,   44074
Telephone: 440-965-4708
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
1031496408   Posted: Sun Sep 8 10:46:48 2002

Christopher and Marlyn Newhouse got into the dairy goat herd/ milking/ raising kids/ business in 199? when Marlyn wanted just one goat so she could have goat milk to drink. She had been raised on it in Arizona in the '60s. Well.... now we have a herd of 10 does and one buck of the Alpine breed. The original "grand dame" was part LaManche with tiny ears and milk with "goat flavor". Christopher prefers the light sweetnes of the Alpine milk. As always we fall in love with the kids and try to make sure they get good homes.
550 HWY 152   Jackson, TN   38355
Telephone: 731-783-9913
  Species: dairy goats
  Breed(s): Alpine, LaManche Experimental breeds
1141428746   Posted: Fri Mar 3 18:32:26 2006

CEDAR WOOL FARM, joint venture
Romney, Cotswold, Border Leicester flocks and crosses. The farm is located in the beautiful area of northern Carroll County, Maryland since 1966. Back then, the family run farm concerned itself with raising sheep primarily for market purposes. Suffolk, Hampshire and a few Dorset's grazed happily for many years. Now the farm is in it's second generation and still under renovation, it was decided that the Romney would take the place of the Suffolk. Now there was an interest in wool and many of us found our own passions and talents in the fiber process. The farm, full of family and friends, decided to pull our passions together to form a partnership. Each partner offers something special and unique. Together we share our fibers and offer that variety to other fiber enthusiasts. There are 3 different flock breeds and crosses. We offer purebred/breeding stock, fleeces, and market lambs. Crosses: Australian Bond Moorit, Wensleydale-x, Leicester Longwool, Cormo
1058374939   Posted: Wed Jul 16 13:02:19 2003

Chispa - sparkle! As in sparkling white, as in the name of the small range of hills we see each sunrise. Saanen & Oberhasli. DHIR & Linear Appraisal. Lisa Shepard & Olivia Lyons
Telephone: 805-461-5547
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Saanen Oberhasli
1014403236   Posted: Fri Feb 22 13:40:36 2002

My original three were so sweet and friendly, they were dubbed the 'Divas'. They wanted attention the moment they saw you, and if you didn't give it to them , well, you'd better have earplugs! My parents raise Boer goats, under the herd name K&K Cornershack, so the Alpines became, CS*Divas. A friend recently pointed out another explanation for the CS portion; Chriss's Show Divas! Either way, it works for us!
Telephone: 717-5549122
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Alpines, Boers
1139536606   Posted: Thu Feb 9 20:56:46 2006

CTC Farm is a small family farm in central Washington. We raise Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats, also Quarter Horses and Australian Shepherds.
Telephone: 509-962--1541
  Species: goats, horses
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy
1040394230   Posted: Fri Dec 20 09:23:50 2002

Cabin Hill Farm
We began raising dairy goats through our sons 4-H project. We started with 2 oberhasli/boer wethers, one of which we still have. We then added a LaMancha wether, a nubian which my son won in a raffle and the herd grew from there. We now raise American oberhasli, American Saanen and Full-blood and % boers. We are located on a 110 acre farm and also raise beef cattle, our own hay and poultry. We are members of the Volunteer State Goat Breeders Association, ADGA, American Boer Goat Association, International Boer Goat Association, and Oberhalsi Breeders of
650 Ben road   dickson,   37055
1062120789   Posted: Thu Aug 28 21:33:09 2003

Cactus*Point Caprines
Dwight was raised on a farm called Cactus Flower Quarterhorses. When we tried to apply to ADGA for Cactus Flower, they denied the request so we started over! Since we liked the "cactus" in the name, we came up with Cactus*Point Caprines, since it sounded kind of catchy (We also live in the Eastern Oregon desert, so this made sense!!). The "caprine" gets a lot of people, so we also have the chance to educate those many that stop us and ask what exactly is a "caprine"?
655 SW 2nd Street   Irrigon, OR  
Telephone: 541-922-4893
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
985031465   Posted: Mon Mar 19 14:51:05 2001

Calfee Farms Inc.
Howdy, I'm Matthew D. Calfee Operations Mgr. Calfee Farms started about 75 years ago with the purchase of 80+ acres by my great grandfather. The farm was home to a large herd of registered Angus cattle which myself and my father showed in 4-H, and used the proceeds to fund our college educations. In 1999, my grandfather suddenly passed away and left the farm to my father and I. Except for a few cattle, we had no encouragement to farm. That was until I first heard about and saw my first 300 lb.Boer buck. It was at this point that I decided to step into the commercial meat goat industry. In September of 2002, I bought my first registered Boer buck, and shortly after that, bought a herd of Purebred Nubian does and several half Kiko/ Boer does as well. I am taking my knowledge as an ex-veterinary technician and cattle farmer and scaling it down to fit my commercial meat goat operation. My wife of 11 years, Bridget does the financial end of our operation. We both work in the medical field, she as a Medical Assistant and I as an EMT/ Nursing student so most weekends and evenings are spent in some capacity with our goats.
8021 East Emory Road   Corryton, TN   37721
Telephone: 865-621-9829 or 865-689-2931
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Boer, Nubian, and %Kiko
1053552465   Posted: Wed May 21 17:27:45 2003

Cane Creek Ranch
My wife and I recently moved to Scotts Hill, TN, and brought our small goat herd with us from Florida. We have a 110 acre ranch and are raising Fullblood Boers, Percentage Boers, and Fullblood Kikos. Our present herd consists of 12 Kiko Does and 1 Kiko Buck; 4 Boer Does and 2 Boer Bucks; and 32 Percentage Boer Does. We are expecting our first big kidding in late March, 2005, and will offer some of the kids for sale at weaning age.
Telephone: 731-967-1616
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Kiko, Boer, Boer Percentage  
1106265232   Posted: Thu Jan 20 18:53:52 2005

Capretta Nubians
Capretta Nubians is loacted in South West Oregon. We live six miles out of town on 22 acres of land where me Colleen Scully and my daughter Gina have raised goats since 1993. We got our herd name Capretta from my husbands sister, it means female goat in Italian. Our breed lines are based mainly from Kismet, Little Bic's and Elk Brook Nubians.
P.O. Box 1456   Myrtle Creek, OR   97457
Telephone: 1 (541) 863-3039
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
1111047353   Posted: Thu Mar 17 03:15:53 2005

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