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Chateau Briant Farm
Chateau Briant Farm was started in 1970 as a 4-H project for our three sons, Robert Jr., Philip and Mark. It began with the purchase of a bred Nubian doe (bred to a Saanen buck)who freshened with a doe kid on July 4th and was named Betsy, who had a distinguished career in the show ring as a grade doe. A Toggenburg doe was bought for Robert Jr. and an Alpine for Mark. There are many precious memories of the boys growing up in 4-H with their dairy goat projects and their efforts in the show ring. They remain in our hearts to be cherished often. Bob & Evellyn Cassette
17 Berry Road   Saco,   04072
Telephone: (207)284-6440
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): ALpines and Nubians
985094554   Posted: Tue Mar 20 08:22:34 2001

Cricket's kids
Hi! my name is Cindy. It all started when son Ron wanted a 4-H doe and so we went in serch of a nice doe for him to show. My husband Ron and myself were hooked when we started going to help our son with fair and his first open class show. This all started in 1996. So we began our serch for a herd name. We came up with Cricket's kids because "Cricket" was my grandmother's nick name and also crickets like to just and so do young spirited goats. My grandmother used to tell us many storys of her childhood growing up on a farm with many animals. So that is how we came up with our herd name Cricket's kids.
49202 Garfield Road   Oberlin,   44074
Telephone: 440-965-4708
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
1031496408   Posted: Sun Sep 8 10:46:48 2002

Caprine Appeal
I "accidentally" started with goats after purchasing an abandoned farm 14 years ago that was overgrown with wisteria and wild grape vines. I was told that goats would be a great help in erradicating the overgrowth so I purchased 4 "common" goats for that purpose. After spending time with these goats, I was hooked. I have now evolved into milk goats, Nubians, Toggenburgs, and Lamanchas. I have Quarter Horses and now, due to the goat herd, raise Great Pyrenese dogs.
230 Ginger Farm Road   Hazlehurst, GA   31539-7817
Telephone: 912-375-4023
  Species: Goats, Horses, Dogs
  Breed(s): Nubians, Toggenburgs, Lamanchas, Quarter Horses, Great Pyrenese
1142791733   Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:08:53 2006

Caprix comes from the word "caprice" in french that comes from goats, in latin. We want our goats to be distinctive, such as caprice could mean, the "x" at the end sounded more modern!
Telephone: 1-819-849-3941
  Species: dairy goats
  Breed(s): nubian
1036431482   Posted: Mon Nov 4 12:38:02 2002

Carpenters Fork Farms
Our first farm's boundary was Carpenters Fork Creek, so we named the farm "Carpenters Fork Farms". We have raised livestock all our life, but did not get into it seriously until 1989. Our names are Joe B. and Mary Hancock. We have percentage Boer goats, registered Salers cattle (black and polled), and smooth gaited trail horses (racking, spotted, walking, etc). Visitors always welcome.
Joe B. and Mary Hancock   Monticello, KY   42633
985055262   Posted: Mon Mar 19 21:27:42 2001

Castlegate Farms
We named our farm after the town name in the movie of Rigoletto... loved the movie and the name just kind of stuck with us.
Telephone: (530) 692-8948
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpines
1144949544   Posted: Thu Apr 13 13:32:24 2006

Cedar Hollow Farms
We are a small farm in northwest Iowa. We raise quality I.F.G.A registered premium fainting goats. We strive for good conformation, size, and dispositions. We feel that fainting goats are an excellent choice for an all around multi-purpose goat. We also milk our fainters for making soap, cheese and for our own drinking. We have never owned any other breed of goat that is this multi-purpose while being very docile, friendly and people oriented.
2460 - 130th St   Lawton, IA   51030
Telephone: 712-944-5502
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Fainters
1127842293   Posted: Tue Sep 27 13:31:33 2005

Cedar Springs Farm
Located on Clinch Mountain, NE TN. Named for the cedar junipers and natural springs on the property. We raise hair sheep, Katahdins, St Croix and Dorper crosses and Tennessee Fainting Goats. IFGA registered goats and occasional kids.
1094349030   Posted: Sat Sep 4 21:50:30 2004

Cedar Valley Boer Goats
We raise and sell reg. fullblood and reg. percentage boer goats. We also raise and sell 4-H wethers.
84 Elm St.   Peebles, OH   45660
Telephone: (937)587-2265
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Boer
1059955114   Posted: Sun Aug 3 19:58:34 2003

Cedar Valley Boer Goats
We raise registered fullbloods and registered percentage Boer Goats. We also raise 4-H show wethers. We are located in the beautiful hills of Adams County in Peebles, Ohio.
84 Elm St.   peebles, OH   45660
Telephone: (937)587-2265
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Boers
1101398066   Posted: Thu Nov 25 10:54:26 2004

We got our first Saanens in 1981. Saanens and Toggenburgs were the only breeds I didn't want, but Saanens were the only ones I could find. In 1982 we registered the herd name, Charis Manor. Charis means 'grace' and we felt it was only God's grace that allowed us to purchase our farm. Manor was added because it meant a house surrounded by land and sounded better with Charis than anything else we could think of.
1626 Nelson Rd   Delano, MN   55328
992028042   Posted: Fri Jun 8 15:20:42 2001

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