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Curry Station Goat ''N'' Sheep Farm
hello this is bily turner i stated raising goats when i was about nine and been in now for 4 years and love it, it always gives me something to do
4596 curry station road   munford , AL   36268
Telephone: 256 239 5719
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): boar nubian lamancha kiko sennan toggenburg pigmy
turner goats
1020623244   Posted: Sun May 5 14:27:24 2002

Double SunDog Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Scott and Katie live 20 miles north of Lake Havasu City, Az. on a small two acre parcel. We raise a few horses, a few chickens, a few dogs and a few more Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. We enjoy their antics and their sweet, rich milk. We chose our name when an uncle from Utah was visiting on a cloudy day looked up and in the sky next to the sun was a prism like shine... he said that is a Sun Dog! After explaining the local Indian lore stating that it would rain the next day, up popped another opposite the other! Now a Double Sun Dog. It really did rain the next day.. katie
Havasu Heights Lot 180   Lake Havasu City,   86404
Telephone: 928.764.1028
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
1087656728   Posted: Sat Jun 19 10:52:08 2004

Stands for Edens Frye And Boys My granddadys Last name is Edens cousins are frye and me and my brother are the boys It is a family farm we raise boar goats sheep fish and Chickens.
Telephone: 910-329-1141
  Species: Goats sheep chickens fish
  Breed(s): Boer Dopler RIR Barred rock Cat Fish
1119802507   Posted: Sun Jun 26 12:15:07 2005

ELMHAVEN was selected as a name that would meet several needs: 1) It needed to be easy to remember, 2) Indicative of where we are located and the environment of our enterprise, and 3) A change, that brought a fresh new image to our livestock and agricultural pursuits. Since our acreage is flanked by large, stately Elm trees, we decide that ELMHAVEN would be the appropriate name. Please visit our website and take a look around. We are always updating and adding links to provide a peek inside our activites at ELMHAVEN.
1072818856   Posted: Tue Dec 30 16:14:16 2003

i have a small herd of alpines & lamancha's for show & breeding. lines include chateau briant,sweet dreams, grey mantle & lucky stars. adults & kids avalible at times
129 trotter access rd   waverly, TN   37185
Telephone: 931-296-1087
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): alpines & lamancha's
1117839783   Posted: Fri Jun 3 19:03:03 2005

EWEKIDS is located about 60 miles south of OTTAWA,ON along the beautiful St. Lawrence river. WE have been in existance for about 8 years. Ethel & Bill Britton
11847A Laleshore Drive   Morrisburg, Ontario, CAN   k0c 1x0
Telephone: 1-613-543-9062
  Species: goats,sheep,geese
  Breed(s): Angora's, Pygoras
1103245736   Posted: Thu Dec 16 20:08:56 2004

Ebony Oaks
Hi, my name is Jessica Taylor and I live in beautiful Arnold, California(in the sierra mountains/foothills). I belong to the Bret Harte FFA chapter. I bought my first pygmy goat doe, Ebony, at the 2003 "Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee". Later, in 2004 I decided to take my project one step further, so I registered my herd name, "Ebony Oaks" with the NPGA. I decided to dedicate the name to Ebony(her being my 1st goat and all), but then I was stuck with what else to put in my name, I mean I couldn't just have "Ebony" as a name. I thought long and hard and then it finally just clicked, "Why not have Oaks in the name since not only was it my goats favourite treat, but we also had plenty of the trees around our home?" Thus became the name "Ebony Oaks"
po box 2259   Arnold, CA   95223
Telephone: (209) 795-3735
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Pygmy  
1107659428   Posted: Sat Feb 5 22:10:28 2005

Echo Lake Farm
Growing up, Echo Lake Farm belonged to my mother Donna Anderson, myself, her daughter Emily, and my three siblings. Leslie, Elaine and my little brother Mike. My two olders sisters have moved on and no longer with to continue with goats. My mother is no longer an ADGA Director and my brother is currently stationed in Iraq in the ARMY. That left me and my new husband William to carry on the legacy. Although we do not currently have a heard, it will come in due time. I am now an ADGA Judge and can not wait until we can develope the Echo Lake Farm heard name once again. -Emily Anderson Starr
PO Box 99   New Hartford, CT   06057
1133795008   Posted: Mon Dec 5 10:03:28 2005

Elkhorn Dairy Goats
See for the long story. We have been in goats since about 1990.
Telephone: 831-763-9088
  Species: goat, dog
  Breed(s): Nubian, Lamancha, Kuvasz
1070346457   Posted: Tue Dec 2 01:27:37 2003

Emmy's Imps
I got my farm name because my name is Emily and everyone calls me Emmy for my nickname.And all our animals, well they just act like imps, always getting into trouble, but always getting away with it! My family has been raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats for about 3 years. I know it probably doesn't sound very long but we have been working hard to raise, take care, and improve these goats. Our goats are negative for CAE.We started out with only 4 know the story.We just love our goats!
Telephone: 440-563-9404
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf
1121526902   Posted: Sat Jul 16 11:15:02 2005

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