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Hi, We are Steve and Danielle from Essandea Farm (that would be pronounced "S and D") We raise Purebred and percentage Boer goats in Southern Ontario Canada. We have had goats for about 2 years now and are just starting to get a decent commercial herd together.
PO Box 473   Port Burwell, CAN  
Telephone: 519-874-4868
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Boer
1123986782   Posted: Sat Aug 13 22:33:02 2005

Est's Big Sky
We started in goats winter of 98 with 3 crossbred, wild and ugly goats. After breeding & getting kids, our pastor's son wanted to take goats in 4-H. I'd been in 4-H so got elected to help Ryan. My husband, Est, was going to learn with Ryan. His 4-H book recommended that a goat breeder be located and a visit made. Amazingly we found a lady 75 miles from us. We made the trip (all dirt roads) with Ryan prepared to ask questions. The lady was impressed with his questions and gave him a Registered Saanen doe kid, so he could have a GOOD goat for 4-H. Since she was recently widowed, she was selling some of her gals. A doe that followed Est around was for sale. A couple weeks later, we purchased her at a reduced rate. The agreement was that we join ADGA and NSBA and get our own herd name. Since we planned on living in Montana, which is known as Big Sky Country, we submitted that name. It was already taken, so ADGA suggested we use Est's Big Sky....which is how our herd name came to be.
P. O. Box 214 409 S. Central Rd.   Ekalaka, MT   59324
Telephone: 406-775-6219
  Species: Goats and Donkeys
  Breed(s): Saanens
1110034033   Posted: Sat Mar 5 09:47:13 2005

Eureka Valley Farm
We live in the southern Appalachians of SE Tennessee, in what we affectionately call Eureka Valley. Our family/4 sons (ages 8-11) have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarfs, and an assortment of ducks - Pekins and Indian Runners. Our goal it to create a small and gentle "learning" farm for elementary-age school chilren - to see the many aspects of farmlife and raising animals.
1013097460   Posted: Thu Feb 7 10:57:40 2002

Exit-201 is a herd that started when I was achild in Minnesota. I started with Lamanchas and now have grown to have Oberhasli and saanens. I only have 2 lamanchas left but the other breeds are growing. Our farm is also home to 5 camels and minature zebu cattle. In 2001 I moved to Siani SD and was married. Now at Exit-201 we are looking foward to breeding correct color and confermation obers and saanens.
Telephone: 605-826-4405
  Species: dairy goats Camels
  Breed(s): Oberhasli saanens
1120367587   Posted: Sun Jul 3 01:13:07 2005

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