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FAINTING TREASURES has a treasure for anyone who loves MYOTONIC goats. We offer PREMIUM registered IFGA stock. We specialize in BLUE EYES. We also raise ADMS Registered MINIATURE DONKEYS in unusual color variations.
Telephone: 706-797-3524
  Species: Fainting Goats, Miniature Donkeys
  Breed(s): breed
1074479961   Posted: Sun Jan 18 21:39:21 2004

FOX TROT FARM - Alpines & Saanens
FOX TROT is a small herd of registered FRENCH ALPINE and PUREBRED & AMERICAN SAANEN dairy goats located in SOUTHERN MIDDLE TENNESSEE. Our Herd name, "FOX TROT" is owed to the appearance of a clever fox who would "trot" through our barnyard and leave us with 1 less chicken!! We have been raising and enjoying dairy goats for over 20 years. We breed for an animal that is vigorous, and long lived that will score "Excellent" in both Mammary and General appearance when linear appraised. Our animals must be competitive in the show ring, as well as productive in the milk parlor. We use goat milk in our home. At times we make cheese & soap. We like to raise hogs or calves with our surplus milk. To stay in our herd a doe must have an EXCELLENT udder. After all, you have to milk it and look at it twice every day!!! Laura, Dale & Kelsa Warner
1114364750   Posted: Sun Apr 24 13:45:50 2005

Fainting Friends Farm
We are located in NE Wisconsin and we air-ship our Premium Tennessee Fainting Goats. Our breeding program focuses on tri-colored fainters along w/ other colors. We have blue, marbled, and brown eyed fainters. Our fainters are small in size and are for pets and breeding ONLY, NOT for meat! Please stop by and see what we have available at Angie Murray Tammy Wenzel (920)364-0051
Telephone: 9203640051
  Species: goat - fainting goats
  Breed(s): fainting goats
1123917400   Posted: Sat Aug 13 03:16:40 2005

Faithful Acres Farm
We are a born again christian family who homeschools and we live in central new york state and raise Nubian and mini nubian dairy goats. All goats are reg. with ADGA or MDGA. We raise Purebred and American Nubians and We have Mini Nubians from 1st to 4th gen stock. We love our God and our Goats...
6703 Mosquito Point Rd   Munnsville, NY   13409
Telephone: 315-495-2346
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian , Mini Nubians
1114892123   Posted: Sat Apr 30 16:15:23 2005

Falling Star Acres
Breeding NPGA registered pygmy goats for show or just pets. Champion lines and great personalities!
182 Pine Tree Drive   Williams, OR   97544
Telephone: 541-846-6123
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): pygmy
1010302002   Posted: Sun Jan 6 02:26:42 2002

Fargo Ranch Dairy Goats
I started in Dairy Goats in 1986 at the age of four. I've been breeding dairy goats since then except for a short break in '03-04. I currently have LaManchas, Nubians and Alpines. We started out with LaManchas from the Adair's herd here in Northern California and if anyone out there still has some of these genetics, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day!
Telephone: 530-251-6851
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): LaMancha, Nubian, Alpine
1136965324   Posted: Wed Jan 11 02:42:04 2006

My name is Krystin Wilson and I chose my herd name from my favorite movie, Fargo. I started raising LaManchas in 1987 under my mom's name, Shasta, and added Nubians in 1995, Saanens in 2000 and just added Alpines in 2002.
1029872075   Posted: Tue Aug 20 15:34:35 2002

Fat Bottom
Well, our herd name and farm name (Fat Bottom Farm) is derived from a couple of sources. A disclaimer...none of those sources have anything to do with physical descriptions of myself or other family members! We called our barred rock hens our "fat bottom girls" which is also the title of the rock anthem by the group Queen (my age showing) and a favorite tune of myself and my daughters (read previous disclaimer!). And so on. When we had the odd extra dozen eggs to give away to friends we stamped the name on the cartons as a joke and the rest is history. On to the goats...I love them and had missed goats I had years ago. So, we investigated and after a bit of trial and error, settled on Nubians, obtaining our first registered stock in 1994, and our first very own purebred kids will be arriving soon. We also have a handful of registered and percentage boer does because we do like to barbeque! Our place is small, so we'll never have more than enough animals for personal use and the occasional kid to sell, but we love to talk goats with other like-minded people!
Not yet.....
1104820947   Posted: Tue Jan 4 01:42:27 2005

Feather Hills Goats
Started with a few milk goats for personal milkers and satarted increasing from there. My brother Ben has spent numerous hours researching goat on the internet for me. He is using his webspace for the herd. Being out of town with not a lot of water switched to meat goats. Our main herdshire is ROK Rocky out of dam ROK Marybeth sire DSM Galahad. We have aprox 30 does and looking forward to this year kid crop. In the future planning to ad kiko to our production herd.
1035760069   Posted: Sun Oct 27 18:07:49 2002

Fern Hill Fainters
Small farm in Cross Plains, Tennessee. We raise quality Myotonic Goats. Several bloodlines, colors and sizes. Kidding in Spring.
1138828314   Posted: Wed Feb 1 16:11:54 2006

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