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Our name came from the first two letters of our names. Ga-Gatlin, Ha - Hanna, Ma-Marge. We started with 4 goats about 3 years ago and the bug has really gotten us and we are now up to 36. We have mostly Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf with a few Saanens, a Toggenburg, a La Mancha and recorded Grades.
16831-105th Avenue   Little Falls, MN   56345
1101149172   Posted: Mon Nov 22 13:46:12 2004

Galloping Goats Farm
Galloping Goast Farm is located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. We too started out as a 4-H project in 2001 and got bitten by the goat bug. We really enjoy our Purebred Nubian Dairy goats. Not just for the entertainment they constantly provide with their unique personalities but also for milk and cheese and all of the other yummy things that can be made from goats milk. We test for CAE,CL,and Johnes yearly and maintain a disease free herd. We offer buck service with proof of negative CAE tests. Visit our website to check out our wonderful bloodlines.
Telephone: 360-461-3389
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Purebred Nubian
1131076386   Posted: Thu Nov 3 22:53:06 2005

Garden Dairy
Telephone: 406 494-7034
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Alpine Goat
1112072665   Posted: Tue Mar 29 00:04:25 2005

Garrett Ranch Pygoras
The Garrett Ranch, Dave and Linda, have owned livestock for 38+ years. They have been successful years of breeding, raising and showing champion horses all over the United States. They owned the internationally known Appaloosa stallion, Double Bid, for 25 years. After the death of "Bid" in 1998, Linda needed a new love to help fill the empty void in her heart. They have always had at least one goat. At one point they raised a small herd of pygmy goats. After viewing Pygora goats at a county fair it wasn't long before they purchased their first PBA registered Pygora doe, in 1999. The Garrett Ranch Pygora foundation stock came from top breeding farms. Their breeding philosophy has produced a herd made up of healthy and beautiful goats with outstanding conformation, covered with excellent fleece. The GR show record validates their breeding program. The Garrett Ranch goal is to reach every handspinner who is looking for outstanding fiber. They promote 4-H and wethers. For more information about the Garrett Ranch Pygoras contact them at
1118259042   Posted: Wed Jun 8 15:30:42 2005

Garrisons Goats
Home of the some of the finest Red, Traditional, and now breeding for Paint Boer Goats here in Southern Illinois. Our farm was founded in 1991 with mainly Kikos. We became involved with the boers in 2004 and its been a great adventure. Our bloodlines include NDR Red Chief, Codi, Eggspense,Eggsfile,,Sasquatch, Gunner, South African, Pipeline,007, Tupelo and many others. We buy, sell and trade all the time. Our goal is to raise some of the finest boers in the market.
135 Masonic Cemetery Rd   Raleigh, IL   62977
Telephone: 618-268-6634 0r 618 926-6535 cell
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Boers
1150690233   Posted: Mon Jun 19 00:10:33 2006

Gemini Goats
After we settled here in the remote boonies of south central Virginia we decided to raise goats. My dear husband loved Alpines and so he bought our first Alpine, Ziegen-Mensch Jackie. Well.... thats all it took for me and I fell in love with her. Jackie is very snobby by the way. Well.... I decided to improve on her breeding and breed a herd of Alpines with her beautiful qualities and I needed a herd name. We tossed around ideas for a farm/herd name. We tried triple B for Bruce, Bernice and Boo (our black lab), but that somehow didn't sound right. Then we tried Hidden Acres, that didn't sound right. So one night I was talking with my friend Lynn and she suggested Gemini Goats. "Hey..... that might just work!" The reason for the name came from a annual bithday party we had as myself, my hubby, Lynn, her hubby and 3 of our other friends were all born within a few weeks of each other starting in late May and ending in June. We were all geminis so we called our annual get together the Gemini Get Together. Well.... it made sense, because Bruce bought Jackie on his birthday, Jackie was born during the gemini sign. So thats how we ended up being Gemini Goats. I was desperate for a name and it sounded right.
985047272   Posted: Mon Mar 19 19:14:32 2001

Glades Ridge Nubian Dairy Goats
Purebred Nubian dairy goats, located in Homestead, FL, soon to relocate to Lake Butler, , Northcentral Florida. Please visit our web page for up-to-date information. I started breeding dairy goats in 1977 in Upstate NY - got my first goat in 1976, a Saanen-Nubian cross. "Zaribi Nubians" was my original herd name.
Telephone: 786-488-5706
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian  
1151167844   Posted: Sat Jun 24 12:50:44 2006

Glastonbury Farm
Glastonbury Farm hosts three herds, the Saangreal herd of ADGA Saanens, the Spice*Does herd of LaManchas and the Summer*Springs herd of Toggs. Betsy go her first goats way back in 1979 after returning from MTSU and by the time her life had changed and her family had grown, in 1994 we began again with NPGA reg. Pygmies. In 1996, Betsy got her first reg. Saanens, followed soon after by Medora's LaManchas and Katie's Toggs. Betsy chose the herd name of Saangreal and the Glastonbury Farm name because of her keen interest in the Arthurian saga, Glastonbury being the place where Joseph of Aramathia brought the holy thorn from Jerusalem after the crucifixion. Medora, of course, likes the Spice Girls and Katie, being very thoughtful, decided on Summer*Springs! We attend what ADGA shows we can. We do several local and regional craft fairs each year. Also, see our ever changing webshots gallery featuring every day pix from arouind the farm: Our herds are tested for CAE through WSU, TB/Bruc. certified and accredited and we are on the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Certification Program. Our last CAE tests were on 3/25/03, all negative. Check out our page of goat crafts and other interesting items! We'd love to hear from you- Betsy Hultin, Medora Snyder, Kaitlin Snyder
PO Box 221   Cosby,   37722
Telephone: 865-436-2183
  Species: goat, chickens
  Breed(s): breed
1050584410   Posted: Thu Apr 17 09:00:10 2003

Go Full Boer Goats
Started in 1998 and I told my husband I was going to go full bore raising goats, so thought that would be a catchy name.
2400 Graham Blvd   Vale, OR   97918
Telephone: 541-473-3571
  Species: Gooats
  Breed(s): Boer
1083716250   Posted: Tue May 4 20:17:30 2004

God's Love Farm
God’s Love Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Sullivan, N.H. We have milk, cheese,milkers, stud service, wethers, breeding stock, and of course gorgeous babies. Some of the best bloodlines in the country are represented in our small herd. Come and visit us either physically or on the web. Love and blessings Carlene and Karl Wheeler 603-847-9728
99 Gilsum Road   Sullivan, NH   03445
Telephone: 603-847-9728
  Species: Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  Breed(s): Nigerians
1129946222   Posted: Fri Oct 21 21:57:02 2005

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