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HSJ Boer Goats
We got our start in the Goat industry innocently enough when my teenage daughter wanted to start showing goats with the FFA Chapter of Munford High School, in Munford, TN. As I look back on it, my wife and I had no idea of what this would develop into. This has grown into a full time job for us. We are active in showing and really enjoy traveling with our goats. In fact, our goal is to produce competitive show quality stock and our success in the show ring is proving our success in this endeavor. We now have multiple bloodlines that include many Ennobled names like Mojo Magic *Ennobled, Bingo’s Superman *Ennobled, Winchester *Ennobled, 2sis 324M *Ennobled, Bingo *Ennobled, Yabu *Ennobled, BDF M08 *Ennobled, Bull Dog *Ennobled, Big Dog *Ennobled, and Codi Queen. We almost always have something for sale so check with us before your next purchase.
Telephone: 901-870-5825
  Species: Full South African Boer Goats
  Breed(s): Full South African Boers
1154818437   Posted: Sat Aug 5 18:53:57 2006

Hacienda La Alpinita
Hacienda La Alpinita began in 1986 with a desire to turn the native criollo goat in the Dominican Republic into a productive dairy goat to help alleviate the malnutrition in children in the countryside. The name "La Alpinita" was registered with the ADGA in 1997 in order to maintain a record of purebred Alpine dairy goats imported and used as a genetic base to reform the native does. We now can say that we have French Alpines, American Alpines and Dominican Alpines for the first time in the Dominican Republic and people are beginning to notice that A DAIRY GOAT is worth having.
c/o Lynch Air, P. Bo. Box 40752   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   33340
992574102   Posted: Thu Jun 14 23:01:42 2001

Hagler Farm
We live on my husband's grandparents old farm. Their last name was Hagler and they raised goats also. Actually his great grandfather did, too, but these were of the brush type. There has been goats on this farm for over 100 years. We got our first registered Nubian goat in 1990, a buck. Then of course others followed. Out last name is Sensing and we live in NW Tennessee.
Telephone: 731-642-9680
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
990239504   Posted: Fri May 18 22:31:44 2001

Halena Dairy Goats
Halena Dairy Goats was started in 2001, with our first alpine Felene. She was my 4-H project when I was 11, and I still show her and our many other goats in 4-H and Open shows. The animals in our herd have won many 1st, GCHs BOB, BIS and RES BOB in 4-h and Open shows. I am very proud of my goats, they are great creatures and I could have never asked for better friends! Every year we have show quality kids avaliable for purchase for affordable prices. Please vist my webpage for more information. Thank You!
1097279557   Posted: Fri Oct 8 19:52:37 2004

Hallelujah Dairy Goats
Hi, we are Perry & Lori. We raise Nubian Dairy goats here in Louisiana. We have only been raising goats since July 2004. We also sell raw milk for pet comsumption.
1118492359   Posted: Sat Jun 11 08:19:19 2005

Hames and Axle Farm
I started with Nigerian dwarf goats because I wanted a good dairy animal that was easily portable to schools for teaching purposes. I also do living history as a part of my programming, so in order to indicate farming, history and traveling, we chose Hames and Axle Farm. Now we've graduated to breeding, soap and cheese-making. Not as much teaching, still lots of fun!
18 Kraetzer Road   Ashburnham, MA   01430
Telephone: 978-827-1305
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian dwarf goats
1010772803   Posted: Fri Jan 11 13:13:23 2002

Happy Critters Dairy Goats
Back in 1997, we started as a 4H project. We have grown from two to over 18 in those short years. Both daughters, now 15 and 13, are still very involved with 4H in the state. They are continually working with their animals and always looking for ways to improve their production and herdsmanship. Making soap seemed to be the next step to promoting the dairy goat. The girls can be found at craft fairs, county fairs and farmers' markets throughout the year. When not working with their animals, they attend school, where they promote agriculture and still manage to be honor students.
1457 Upper City Rd   PIttsfield, NH   03263
Telephone: 603-435-6741
  Species: Goats, chickens, call ducks
  Breed(s): Nubian, Oberhasli, Grade Toggs
1088859837   Posted: Sat Jul 3 09:03:57 2004

Happy Tailz
My name is Aletha Moody and my husband,Ron, and I began our passion for nigerian dwarfs in 1998. We got our herd name by watching the little kids take their bottle with their little ole tails just a waggin away, they were so happy...hence the name Happy Tailz. WE first got started in goats a few years earlier but by 1998 the nigerians had us wrapped around their little hooves We now are devoted to these wonderful delightful goats.
6565 Conrad Rd   Mayville, MI   48744
Telephone: 989-843-6678
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): nigerians
1016306145   Posted: Sat Mar 16 14:15:45 2002

Hard Thymes Ranch
We raise champion Cormo sheep. We are located in the beautiful Virginia countryside. Our kids started in 4-H years ago. They had champion suffolks every year. My wife saw a Cormo and had to have some. We have been doing this about 5 years. I am Vice President of a non profit organization called the Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry. Mr. Peter Downie of Bothwell, Tasmania, developer of the breed is on our advisory board. We formed the group to keep the breed "pure" because there are so few pure registered Cormo in the United States. One of our Cormo rams won Supreme Grand Champion of show which included 50-60 other rams of all different breeds. Please visit our site. Emerson & Valerie McDavid
PO Box 536   Warrenton,   20188
Telephone: 540-351-0560
  Species: Sheep
  Breed(s): breed
1028989200   Posted: Sat Aug 10 10:20:00 2002

Harmony Mountain Ranch
Breeders of Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine and Mini-Alpine goats for dairy, show, 4H, and pets. We maintain a healthy, happy and disease-free herd of registered goats with champion bloodlines and diverse colors and patterns.
Telephone: 208-456-2995
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine, Mini-Alpine Goats
1132850226   Posted: Thu Nov 24 11:37:06 2005

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