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Idle Hour Farm Boer Goats
Our herd of Boer Goats are fullblooded and will remain that way, so that we may offer the best in meat and show goats prospects. We are located in Kentucky, number 2 in the nation for registered Boer Goats. We look at this as a serious business and hope that we can serve you in the future for your breeding stock and show prospects.
1061324266   Posted: Tue Aug 19 16:17:46 2003

Ilini-Acres Dairy & Boer Goats
Hi, my name is Alice Marriott and we have been raising goats for 15 years. My story is much like many others in the goats were a 4-H project for my sons. When the boys were out off to college; the goats became my project. And now we are bigger than ever. We have several breeds of dairy goats (Alpine, Nubian, Sannen, and Toggenburg) as well as purebred and commercial Boer Goats. Look for our ad in the classified section of Come To the Farm.
12635 E 400 Rd   Mt. Carmel, i, IL  
Telephone: 618-298-2469
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Alpine, Nubian, Sannen, Toggenburg, Boer
1009420180   Posted: Wed Dec 26 21:29:40 2001

Indigo Run
Located in Southwestern Ohio and raise Registered Oberhaslis and will be adding alpines in 2006.
1130612755   Posted: Sat Oct 29 15:05:55 2005

Indigo Run
We raise registered Oberhasli and Alpine Dairy Goats in Moscow Ohio. The other adds with our information are not accurate. This is our new website and email. Please stop by our site sometime.
1151436684   Posted: Tue Jun 27 15:31:24 2006

Mini Inspirations Farm. We got our name after I tried to find something to inspire my 13 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome. First came the miniature horses, which led us to finding DC Miniatures and thier Pygmy goats. We now have Pygmy and Nigerian goats and plan on adding miniature Cheviot sheep in the future
PO Box 1585   Parker, AZ   85344
Telephone: 928-669-8856
  Species: goat, horse, sheep
  Breed(s): Nigerian, Pygmy, mini Cheviot  
1060669800   Posted: Tue Aug 12 02:30:00 2003

We are a small farm in Western Arizona specializing in NPGA pygmy goats and AGS/NDGA Nigerian Dwarfs. We started early in 2003 and now have a herd of over 20. We are home to Permanent Grand Champion YYY Acres Thunders Little Rampage!
Telephone: 928-669-8856
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats  
1091234669   Posted: Fri Jul 30 20:44:29 2004

Irish Whisper Farm
A few years back, I bumped into a Nigerian Dwarf doe, and fell in love immediately. I decided to get a couple, and well, a couple turned into several. Since that time, I've never looked back, and have loved every minute with my goats. In addition to their productivity and mild temperament, they're just a great little package - the perfect size for children. My daughter, a special needs little girl, especially loves the goats, and they, in return, seem to offer her special attention and patience. After hours of research, I determined which lines I'd like to have as my foundation animals. We have now acquired animals from some of the top breeders in the country, and are really looking forward to great things. We take a great deal of pride in our goats, and focus on conformation, milk production and udder qualities, temperament, and the ability to pass these traits on to future generations. Each year we test for CAE and TB, and to date all tests have been negative. As a nurse for 20+ years, I've learned the importance of a good health maintenance program, and follow strictly the routine provided by Judy Veale of Stonewall Farms. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or just want to talk 'goat'!
2950 Bull Run Rd.   Fowlerville, MI   48836
Telephone: (517)223-0346
  Species: miniature goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf, Mini-Mancha
1028554159   Posted: Mon Aug 5 09:29:19 2002

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