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My interest in goats began while visiting a college professor's small homestead. We were "bitten" by the goat bug! After having the grade goats for a few years, we found out about the American Dairy Goat Association, and decided we wanted registered animals. My first purebred goats came as a Christmas present from husband, Leith. Little did he know what a 'spark' that would be for me! Those first two goats were the beginning! We then visited wonderful breeders such as the Clarkes at Cherry Hill, the Muirs at Muirhill, and the Lincicomes at Frogmoor Farm. We added some lovely animals from their beautiful herds, and we were happy to move forward on a breeding program! At one point in our goat keeping years, we had over 500 head, but now we try to maintain less than a hundred. When trying to select a herd name, I wanted to use our small farm's name, 'StoneHaven'. We soon learned that it wasn't available with ADGA, nor were about 20 other names I tried! I was about ready to give up, when I stumbled upon the word 'khimaira' while doing some research for a magazine article I was writing. It was a Greek word meaning "she-goat". THAT WAS IT!! I submitted it to ADGA, and still have the kind note I received from the ADGA Secretary-Treasurer of that time, Don Wilson. He congratulated me on 'finally' finding a unique herd name! I visited my high school Latin teacher, who gave me the correct pronunciation (ka my ra). To finish the "goat" picture, I obtained a new phone number "(540) 743-4628 (she-goat!)" Khimaira Kaprine Kreations was 'born' a few years seemed a logical name for goat goodies! Since 1971, we have been breeding Nubians, and over the years we've had virtually all breeds. We had a commercial dairy for about 8 years, but currently are concentrating on providing breeding stock to hundreds of domestic buyers as well as buyers around the world. Breeding goats has been a substantial part of life for our family. The goats have brought us much joy and taught us much about life. Linda & Leith Campbell
2974 Stonyman Road   Luray,   22835
Telephone: 540-743-4628 Voice 540-743-7932 Fax
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian, Alpine, Saanen, Boer  
985060260   Posted: Mon Mar 19 22:51:00 2001

Jack Fork Valley Ranch
Our ranch has been in the family since the year of 1942. It began as a 160-acre parcel bought by my father from the state of Oklahoma for back taxes. It is nestled in a remote little valley in southeastern Oklahoma about 15 miles (as the crow flies, 35 miles if you drive) southeast of McAlester. Over the years we have added to it, divided it, cleared it, cleaned it, abandoned it, leased it, rented it, and now returned to it. The total acres owned by the family are just over 700. Our part, the Jack Fork Valley Ranch is 320 acres, which includes 80 acres of the original 160 acres. We (my immediate family) have been living in Arizona for several years. My wife, Pat, and I had always planned on early retirement here in the valley so we could really go to work!! Our plans became a reality in June of 2004. We made the move and decided that since we had been gone for so long and the ranch had grown up considerably with underbrush, weeds, briar vines etc. that goats would be the perfect livestock. Over the past four or five years we have been doing research on various breeds of goats and after visiting several operations and talking with several goat meat producers we settled on the Kiko breed. We joined a new organization, The International Kiko Goat Association, stands to reason; we are starting off on a new venture, as are they. In less than a year IKGA has became the most innovative and progressive meat goat organization in existence, hopefully we can follow suite in our venture. We attended the KikoFest in Tennessee in September of 2004 and bought the beginning of our New Zealand Fullblood heard. We made several road trips across the southwest and have been adding to our heard since that first purchase at KikoFest. We also bought some American Premier Fullbloods and purchased some half-breed Kikos from a breeder here in the valley to use in the breed up program in IKGA. At this point our heard is not so large and most are young, but we have the acreage and goats grow fast!! With the goats came the need for Livestock Guard Dogs as we have a predator problem, coyotes, bobcats etc. Again, with much research on the subject we decided on the Anatolian Sheppard breed of dogs. Our dogs are all working dogs and have been exposed to goats at an early age. Parents of all dogs that are for sale are onsite and working. At the present only one female is registered. The rest of the dogs are high percentage and subject to registration, and all are here to do a job. If they don’t get the job done they become someone else’s pet.
HCR 62 Box3342   Pittsburg, OK   74560
Telephone: 918-569-4413
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Kiko
1127100877   Posted: Sun Sep 18 23:34:37 2005

Keep Em Going
We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We keep a quality not quantity based herd with excellent milking backgrounds. Based on this, our kidding season is small and reservations are encouraged to secure purchase. Kids are disbudded, tatooed, registered AGS and given a parasite and CD/T injection before leaving. All bucklings are wethered and sold at $100 unless pre-reserved as a buck prior to 8wks of age. Discounts are offered for purchase of multiple does.
Telephone: 585-735-7869
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf
1152287255   Posted: Fri Jul 7 11:47:35 2006

My name is Teresa Freeman and I live on the farm in the hills of WV where my husband, Mark, was born as was his father before him. After being gone from the farm for many years he returned "home" bringing with him his new bride (me) in 1981. I came straight from the city but fell in love with country living quick. I got my first goat in 1992. After much reading and talking to people who owned registered goats I decided that was the way I wanted to go. My breed of choice was the Nubians. My first purebred goat was a Nubian buck, followed later by two registered does. I joined ADGA an found that coming up with a herd name was not easy task. Seemed each one I came up with was already taken. One evening while talking with my husband he said something very silly and boyish like. I responded to him with you are just a kid at heart. Immediately I knew that was to be our herd name. I checked and found the name was NOT taken and that was how our herd name came to be. I'm still blissfully happy here on the farm and the goats are a great joy in my life, especially since the children have flown the coop leaving an empty nest. I've met a lot of nice people through my goats and going to shows. God has blessed me!
Telephone: (304) 782-1572
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
990299033   Posted: Sat May 19 15:03:53 2001

Kindred Spirits Ranch
Owners: Jeremy and Amy Anderson I had told my husband Jeremy that I wished I had a pygmy goat on day while working out in the yard. Later on that evening a pygmy buck walked up into our yard. We thought someone must be looking for him so we loaded him up and went around to all the neighbors and no one wanted to claim him. Needless to say he stayed with us. He was of course unregistered but I soon decided to make a business of it and thought that we were "Bound By Destiny" That's why I named the ranch Kindred Spirits.
1053 Three Skillet   Springtown, TX   76082
Telephone: 817-220-0306
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Pygmy
1084506394   Posted: Thu May 13 23:46:34 2004

Kinne's Mini's Pygmy Goats & Parrots
Most people mispronounce our last name, and we sought a way around that. Because we began raising Pygmy goats, a miniature breed, we paired Kinne with Mini. It rhymes and designates our specialty. Our herd name was registered with NPGA in 1983, several years after we began raising goats. If you're looking for some great information about Pygmy goats (and other breeds), visit our website!
989695376   Posted: Sat May 12 15:22:56 2001

Kitchigami is the name for Lake Superior used by the Ojibway Indians. I live in Duluth, MN, by the shores of the Kitch (or Gitchigumi, as it is sometimes called), and thought the name Kitchigami Goats would sound nice when spoken (and it does!) I raise Alpines in conjunction with the Niemela family (herd name Dawnwind) just outside of town.
1024 Berwick Court   Duluth, MN   55811
Telephone: 218-728-1491
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Alpine
992044179   Posted: Fri Jun 8 19:49:39 2001

Knobby Knoll Nubians
Our Dairy Herd started with....Nubians of course!We first got Nubians in 1993, and have been a goat addicted family since. We are The Russells, and have a link to our family on our Goat Site. We We have since gone on to breeds with less nose and ear quality, but that have their own endearing features. Nubians will always be special, But I would hate to choose just one breed! We sell both registered and unregistered goats, milkers, herd sires, and wethers for pets. Our herd not only has Nubians, but Lamanchas, Kinders, Pygmies, Oberhaslis, and several registered experimentals.
3539 red hill school rd   north garden, VA   22959
Telephone: 434 293 5514
  Species: goat, cow
  Breed(s): Nubians, Lamanchas, Kinders, Pygmies, Oberhaslis, and experimentals.  
1013003972   Posted: Wed Feb 6 08:59:32 2002

Koinonia Nubians & Christy's Creations
We moved back to Douglas County in 2003 and now live in Glide, Oregon. We currently have 3 bucks and 10 does. We also have our soap on it's own website: Come by for a visit!
P.O.Box 120   Glide, OR   97443
1132791774   Posted: Wed Nov 23 19:22:54 2005

Koinonia Nubians
We sent in to ADGA for our herd name in 1977. Our first kids would have our herd name! We were excited! Our first choice was Glory Hill, as this was the name of our farm. Second choice was Koinonia. As you can see we got Koinonia. For the first 3 years, when we advertised in Dairy Goat Journal, Countryside, Dairy Goat Guide and the National Nubian Club, our ads stated: Glory Hill Farm's Koinonia Herd/Nubian Dairy Goats. Then in 1981 a friend designed our "new" logo (that we still use today), we dropped the Glory Hill and we chose the scripture : 1 John 1: 6 & 7: "If we say that we have fellowship (koinonia) with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth; But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship (koinonia) one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." This explains what KOINONIA means to us!!! Christy Scheufele Koinonia Nubians Monument Oregon email us at: (personal/genealogy/goats) (personal/goats) and Visit our Goats' website at: & Oregon South Devon Cattle Company at
Telephone: 541 934-2608
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubians
989783775   Posted: Sun May 13 15:56:15 2001

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