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My interest in goats began while visiting a college professor's small homestead. We were "bitten" by the goat bug! After having the grade goats for a few years, we found out about the American Dairy Goat Association, and decided we wanted registered animals. My first purebred goats came as a Christmas present from husband, Leith. Little did he know what a 'spark' that would be for me! Those first two goats were the beginning! We then visited wonderful breeders such as the Clarkes at Cherry Hill, the Muirs at Muirhill, and the Lincicomes at Frogmoor Farm. We added some lovely animals from their beautiful herds, and we were happy to move forward on a breeding program! At one point in our goat keeping years, we had over 500 head, but now we try to maintain less than a hundred. When trying to select a herd name, I wanted to use our small farm's name, 'StoneHaven'. We soon learned that it wasn't available with ADGA, nor were about 20 other names I tried! I was about ready to give up, when I stumbled upon the word 'khimaira' while doing some research for a magazine article I was writing. It was a Greek word meaning "she-goat". THAT WAS IT!! I submitted it to ADGA, and still have the kind note I received from the ADGA Secretary-Treasurer of that time, Don Wilson. He congratulated me on 'finally' finding a unique herd name! I visited my high school Latin teacher, who gave me the correct pronunciation (ka my ra). To finish the "goat" picture, I obtained a new phone number "(540) 743-4628 (she-goat!)" Khimaira Kaprine Kreations was 'born' a few years seemed a logical name for goat goodies! Since 1971, we have been breeding Nubians, and over the years we've had virtually all breeds. We had a commercial dairy for about 8 years, but currently are concentrating on providing breeding stock to hundreds of domestic buyers as well as buyers around the world. Breeding goats has been a substantial part of life for our family. The goats have brought us much joy and taught us much about life. Linda & Leith Campbell
2974 Stonyman Road   Luray,   22835
Telephone: 540-743-4628 Voice 540-743-7932 Fax
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubian, Alpine, Saanen, Boer  
985060260   Posted: Mon Mar 19 22:51:00 2001

986342867   Posted: Tue Apr 3 20:07:47 2001

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