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We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarfs, Registered purebreed pedigree,(Blue Eyes). Started about 8 mos. ago. We are having to sell due to ill health. 2-Does 1-Kid Doe 1-Buck. does and buck 1yr. kid 4mos. Located just north of Mobile, Al. Ruth--251-649-2990 E mail
1110387591   Posted: Wed Mar 9 11:59:51 2005

My husband and I were married in 1988 we lived in a trailer along came our son in 1993, We soon wanted some land and since I was a country gal at heart adn had always loved and owned Q. horses I needed space. Well space is what we got we baught our land and soon decided that horses were a ways out because we did not have a barn so I asked if I could get a couple of Nubin kids adn WOW did the fun begin. We have increased our herd and we just had our first babies this year and hope and look foreward to our buck being a nice daddy ( so to speek) . We are going to keep it kinda small and see where it takes us.
990753027   Posted: Thu May 24 21:10:27 2001

LONGMAN'S NUBIANS started with our family name back in 1968 when the children were in high school and wanted FFA Dairy Goat projects. Sherry was the only one that stayed with it; it became a lifetime committment for her. She wanted to build a topnotch Nubian herd, and she has been very successful in doing just that! Of course, Mom and Dad (Betty and Jack)are an integral part of the goatkeeping! LONGMAN'S NUBIANS P.O. BOX 358 CAVE JUNCTION, OR 97523
Telephone: 541-592-3696
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): breed
1056862656   Posted: Sun Jun 29 00:57:36 2003

Ladies Choice
Ladies Choice is a partnership between Center Stage Farm and Janbouree Toggenburgs. The partnership came to a reality after Beth and I polished off two bottles of champagne at the 1992 ADGA Spotlight Sale!! (I always knew there was a reason for the champagne...) We were in a "slightly" inebriated state.. and chose the name "Ladies Choice" because there were no men involved in the decision to spend $1750 on an Alpine doe.. So we went ahead and opened up the new ADGA membership - brought our new goat home.. ( who has given us oodles of gorgeous GCH's to date) and slept it off. Looking back, we both laugh and agree that our "new" farm name does in fact sound like it very well could be the name of a feminine hygene product - If you ever see razor's for sale titled "Ladies Choice" pick some up - it will probably be us!!
994561601   Posted: Sat Jul 7 23:06:41 2001

Lady-K Farm
I started with goats around 1986 when my veterinarian moved and asked me to "babysit" his does until he got settled in another state. He never came back. LOL (True Story!)
1239 Walter Head Road   Cedar Hill, TN  
Telephone: 615-505-3314
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): French Alpine & American Saanen
1041054019   Posted: Sat Dec 28 00:40:19 2002

LapNwoods Myotonic/Fainting Goats&Am.Bulldogs
The herd Name LapNwoods is the kennel name we have used for years as well for our american bulldogs at home in your lap and the woods viola! LapNwoods now back to the goats. We breed IFGA premium registered myotonic goats that are hardy,healthy,friendly and happy.
1106874802   Posted: Thu Jan 27 20:13:22 2005

Laurel Haven
Laurel Haven Nigerian Dwarf goats is located in Central Pennsylvania at the base of the Laurel Creek Dam and Laurel Mountains. We raise healthy, quality show & pet Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our kids are raised with lots of TLC to be very people friendly and make great show & pet goats. We have lots of photos and information on our goats at our website, so come see and enjoy!
1154110590   Posted: Fri Jul 28 14:16:30 2006

Lee Dream Farm
The Lee Dream Farm was established in 1983. We have been so blessed to have raised many types of wonderful animals over the years but currently and for the past few years our passion has been for the Tennessee Myotonic Fainting Goats and the Great Pyrenees Guardian Dogs. We specialize in a breeding program consisting of many different colors, sizes and coat types, along with blue eyes. Our desire is to raise our kids to produce the best meat, fiber, milk and pet quality possible. Every goat is treated with kid gloves... :)
1119238593   Posted: Sun Jun 19 23:36:33 2005

Greetings! My name is C. Maria Lehnhardt. The "C" is for Cecilia, my real first name which no one calls me! So it's just Maria! I have been raising dairy goats for over 15 years now, but have to admit I didn't get "serious" aboutit until about 6-7 years ago when I bought my "Chloe". She is a purebred Nubian, now 10 years old, still a great looking gal. I also have an American Saanen, "Jean E." which I bought as a companion doe for Chloe. From there it's a long list of kids! The fourlegged kind. I have enjoyed raising dairy goats; love going out to the barn each morning. Three years ago was our first ADGA dairy doe shows. Last year was our first time doing Linear Appraisal-very worthwhile. You learn a lot about your goats. This year will be our first on milk test. Always something new to learn. "Lehnhardt's" for our herd name???? Easy - ADGA kept rejecting the names we came up with and we didn't know why so we just settled on our last name. Feel free to email with any questions about our herd/pedigrees. We currently have 8 working girls and kept two young bucks from our breedings last year. We keep our herd very small on purpose but always try to breed
PO Box 3246   Applegate, OR   97530-3246
1015476777   Posted: Wed Mar 6 23:52:57 2002

Liberty Mtn.
In 1980 we bought our first goat - a grade Nubian doe kid. It didn't take long before we had a little herdlet of mixed breed does and a young Alpine buck. We eventually moved to Arkansas that year and took our goats with us. We have been in Arkansas ever since, and our farm name became Liberty Mtn. Ranch. The name comes from the Bible verse, "...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty...". We soon began to acquire registered goats, and at one time we had all five breeds. All who were born here carried the Liberty Mtn. prefix as well as our nationally-known Great Pyrenees dogs, and now our registered Morab horses. We have had goats become Champions, Best in Show, Best Dairy Herd, All-American, etc. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Arkansas herd to have All-American winners (two Alpine bucks). We have shown at the National Show several times, and always came home with ribbons, even winning a class one year with a LaMancha we bred, Liberty Mtn. Hidden Treasure. We showed Recorded Grades in Amarillo - the first year Rec. Grades were allowed at the National Show. We bred a Togg buck that was number 1 on the USDA Jr. Sire Summary for Milk and BF. This kid was also an embryo transplant that we did with his parents. We have been on DHIR and been linear appraised in years past with animals scoring EX. 90. We have owned Top Ten does, and a Togg buck that was Best in Show in five states. We have exported to other countries. We only have Alpines, now, and are slowly fazing out of those, but the name Liberty Mtn. has been well-spread.
107 Racetrack Rd.   Bismarck , AR   71929  
987199717   Posted: Fri Apr 13 18:08:37 2001

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