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Lit'l Dutch LaManchas
Breeding champion purebred LaManchas since 1998. CAE negative, CAE prevention, abscess free, TB/Bruc. certified, enrolled in vol. scrapie program, LA, & one-day milk test.
1107275988   Posted: Tue Feb 1 11:39:48 2005

Lithia Llamas & Livestock
Lithia is the section of Goshen, Massachusetts that we are in. It was named Lithia because the mineral lithium was found on our property. Our farm started out as a small dairy operation, but has progressed to primarily raising llamas for fiber, showing, packing, and guarding livestock. We got into raising Boer cross goats in 2002 and currently have a commercial herd of approximately 15 does. We also rasie and sell Arabians and Arabian/Quarter Horses. Please visit our website for more information or to see pictures of our animals.
PO Box 411   Goshen, MA   01032
Telephone: 413.268.3638
  Species: llama, goat, horse
  Breed(s): Boar cross goats, Arabian & Quarter Horses
1070808968   Posted: Sun Dec 7 09:56:08 2003

Little Bit Farm
It started with a miniature donkey I purchased and named in Little Bit as I planned to raise miniature livestock, I have been raising miniature goats and started with Pygmies nearly ten years ago, now I have some miniature cattle, miniature horses, miniature donkeys and pygmy, nigerian dwarf, and miniature la mancha goats with some llamas, fallow deer, wallabies, and parrots.
993874430   Posted: Sat Jun 30 00:13:50 2001

Little Hollow
We live in Tioga County Pa. Sometimes called th Twin Tiers because of the similarity between northern Pa and southern Ny. Our herd name Little Hollow is a good discription because we live back a hollow near Little Marsh, Pa. We are still very new purchasing our first does (twins) in the spring of 2002. We now have 4 does and 1 buck. They are all American Alpines. When they are settled in the autumn then the bucklings will be for sale in the spring. They are all registered and one was a precocious milker. I love the distinctive color patterns of the alpine. Their deerlike appearance is natural in my backyard the Appalachian mountains.
R R#4 box 830   Little Marsh, PA   16950
1090181198   Posted: Sun Jul 18 16:06:38 2004

Little Valley Farm
A small farm in Down East Maine we show Oberhasli and Nigerian Dwarf goats. I have been raising goats sence 1997. Lynn Frank & Paul Lisee 501 Saco Rd. Columbia, Me 04623
501 Saco Rd.   Columbia, ME   04623
Telephone: 207-483-4058
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Oberhasli & Nigerain Dwarf
1076953864   Posted: Mon Feb 16 12:51:04 2004

Lonely Roads
Lonely Road Ranch was founded in 1995 under the name Lucky Seven Livestock. After moving to a larger, and much more secluded homestead, we changed the name to Lonely Roads in an attempt to better describe the mile-long driveway winding through dense forest to our home. Lonely Roads is home to both NPGA Registered and unregistered African Pygmy Goats for show, breeding or pet purposes. We have kids available for sale each fall, and offer stud services and boarding services year round. Our bucks are open to service both NPGA Registered Pygmy does, unregistered miniature does, and Angora does! Lonely Roads is also home to Missouri's largest selection of rare & heirloom Tomato plants! We enjoy 'talking tomato' with anyone that wants to email or visit in person! Sprouts and fresh vine-ripened fruits are available in the spring and summer. Seeds are available in the fall and winter. Visitors are welcome in the late summer when our work-load is smaller, but emails from goat-folks are always welcome!! The goats love to greet visitors, and to check your pockets for snacks!!
1113464487   Posted: Thu Apr 14 03:41:27 2005

Lonesome Valley Boer Goats
We are a small farm just getting started so we don't really have a herd going yet. We hope to be ready for business by spring of 2004. My sons and I fell in love with goats last year and decided that we wanted to raise boer goats and possibly pygmy and/or Nigerian Dwarfs. We are also going to sell some vegetables and fruit at the local farmers market this year. The name was one of many that we listed and all voted on until we got down to the one everyone liked the best. It just seems to have a nice 'ring' to it.
1052864641   Posted: Tue May 13 18:24:01 2003

Love -R- Goats Farm
Our herd name was simple we love our goats so what better of a herd name than "Love -R- Goats"! The farm is run by myself (Joann) & my mom (Ann). I like LaMancha's best & she's loves the Nubian's but , ofcourse we love them all. All of the Nubian bucks are spotted. We have solid & spotted colors in our does. In LaMancha's we also have alot of spotted & flashy colors as well as solids. Our bloodlines include: Nubians - Peace Valley , Foxwood , Ziggy Acres , Willow Run , Gnomeberg , Nut Farm , Hoanbu , Faith-Farms , Cadillac , Longmans & more. LaManchas - Three Springs , Lucky*Star's , One*Oak*Hill , Mountaindale , By-Grace , Fias Co , South Fork , Cobbles Valley , FirePink Holler , Coastside , Quartz Creek , Meyer's & more. We only have a few Nigerian's all of our does except one are blue eyed. All kids here are individually bottle raised & spoiled rotten! You will find tons of photos on my website including our kids playground which is full of various playhouses & kid toys which they love to play on , the story of our Nubian buck Ziggy Acres Irish's Mr. Miracle getting to be in a tv commercial & getting his pic took with Dolly Parton , plus tons more photos of all the goats. I love taking photos & you will find hundreds on the site. Our kid prices are: $15 - $50 for buck kids still on bottle (Must be picked up by 2 weeks old , Price DOES NOT include registration papers). Registered prices are from $100 - $300 in bucks & does. Wethers are all $50. If you wish to buy the kid as a baby & finish it out on bottle yourself you are welcome to do so. We do have milkers available each year for $150 - $250. Bred does are sometimes offered for sale in the fall. We are located near: Kingsport , TN / Harlan , Ky / Big Stone Gap , VA / Middlesboro , KY etc.... We can sometimes meet for a fee up to 100 miles away & we also do air ship our kids. In 2006 we hope to also have some ai kids available if all go's well this fall with learning how to ai!!
Telephone: 276-383-4201
  Species: Goat , Chicken , Duck
  Breed(s): Nubian , LaMancha , a few Nigerian Dwarf
1124246821   Posted: Tue Aug 16 22:47:01 2005

Lucky 7
Started as a just-for-fun hobby in 1998, Lucky 7 Pygmies has grown into a somewhat larger breeding farm. We work almost entirely with the Pygmy goat, both grade and registered, and may soon welcome some Pygora and/or Angora goats for fleece production. We commonly have goats available for sale, and we breed year round, so be sure to either check our website or email me for our current sales list! Reservations can also be placed on in-utero kids! Stud service, boarding, taming and training are all provided by Lucky 7.  
1094284691   Posted: Sat Sep 4 03:58:11 2004

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