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M&A Sun Set Hills
We are a small but growning dairy goat farm, we started off with one alpine/obie and now up to 13 in a 3 year stretch! we have now just obies and toggs and a few grades, are togg has just made her ch. this year and is a 3yr old and have a nice togg buck now with wintezter blood line. we do both open and 4-h shows , we are involved in packing and driving our goats. and hopefully this year to go in to cheese making.
146 Stark Hwy so   Dunbarton, NH   03046
Telephone: 603-774-4577
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Toggenburg,Oberhaslie,Grades
1042970022   Posted: Sun Jan 19 04:53:42 2003

MJP Farms
We started with goats 3 years ago, some brush goats to clear some land. We were amazed at the grace and beauty of the Boer goat and decided to make raising them our hobby a year later. We are a small farm in north central North Carolina. We are now 30 goats strong and growing. Our farm name comes from our son Mike's initials Michael James Palmieri. We started our website in mid December 2004 so if you have the time check us out. Thanks, Bob,Flo & Mike
45 Antioch Acres Drive   Timberlake, NC   27583
Telephone: 336 504-0159
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Boer & % Boer
1111338053   Posted: Sun Mar 20 12:00:53 2005

MNM Boer Goat Ranch
Hello we are the proud owners of MNM Boer Ranch. Our herd name was really easy to select. Our cattle brand for years was M/M, so we added a N to it and came up with MNM. Nothing fancy. We raise Full Blood and Percetage Boers. We always ahve a good selection of show wethers once my kids select their favorite for the year. We are very excitied with our genetic makeup in our herd and invite you to visit our web page and see for your self.
109 W Orchard Pard Rd   Dexter,   88230
Telephone: 505-347-0130
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): breed
996265681   Posted: Fri Jul 27 16:28:01 2001

Mabels Stables
I moved to Greeneville, a little over 4 years ago,August of 1997. Almost 1 year after my move I met and fell in love with Walter who had a small farm, although he was not actively farming. We married withing a few months. I became ill, and could no longer work, but found myself very lonesome while he was at work. That's where Mabel comes in.In 1999, A friend of my sister's was raising goats and had several 4 month olds for sell. I fell in love with Mabel and she came home with us, and she was the beginning of Mabel's Stables. We now have 2 Bucks, 100% Reg. Boers, and 19 Does, some not registered and some 100% Boers, and some 50% to 75% Boers. This December found us with 6 new kids, and still more on the way. I am in heaven. I have found my peace and a way to counter my bad days. I just go out and play with my "kids" : ) We are members of the IBGA, and the Tennesse Goat Producers Association.
630 Johnson Rd.   Greeneville, TN   37743
Telephone: 423-639-7616
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Boer, Boer/Nubian Cross , Boer/Sanen Cross
1011303053   Posted: Thu Jan 17 16:30:53 2002

MagMar Farm
Our herdname, MagMar, is a compilation of the first three letters of each of my daughters' names ... Maggie and Mariah ... because it was they that talked me into that very first little goat. That was in 1983 and 20 years later the girls are grown but the goats have stayed. My daughter, Mariah Clifton, still owns a few goats. We started with Nubians and the animals we now own are descendants from that very first goat but my, oh my how they've changed! In 1997 I added Saanens. I (Cindy Eslava) am the primary keeper of the herd, although hubby (Tim) assists with waste management and heavy moving (barn cleaning and hay storage). We raise CAE prevention, are CL and Johne's Free, Certified and Accredited and participate in DHIR and LA programs. I attend approximately 10 to 12 shows per year and I also work privately with 4-H youth in showmanship and judge youth fairs in the midwest area.
3374 W 100 S   Wabash, IN   46992
Telephone: 260-563-8938
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Purebred Nubians, American & Purebred Saanens
1060977138   Posted: Fri Aug 15 15:52:18 2003

Maple Ridge Farm
Hi, my name is Barbara, I started out just wanting a small goat for a pet, I love animals. You can't have just one goat, if you know goats. From the first time I seen Nigerian Dwarf goats I fell in love with them. I am now beginning to raise and breed registered show goats. Nigerians make wonderful pets, and are great milkers. My breeding will concentrate on conformation, healthy disease free animals.
1009843220   Posted: Mon Dec 31 19:00:20 2001

Maple Ridge Farm
I started out with goats intending to get one milk goat, for family use. We also wanted something easy to care for and handle, and discovered the Nigerian Dwarf breed. We fell in love and now have a small herd of show and pet quality goats that I breed for good confirmation, and good milking ability. Most important to us is our herds health and finding good homes for the kids that I sell. I have recently embarked upon a new breed by crossing a Saanan doe with a Nigerian buck.I love visitors to my farm and welcome all.I also make goats milk soap from the excess milk that I have.
8532 Schmeid Road   Vestaburg, MI   48891
Telephone: 989-268-5447
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Saanans
1072328598   Posted: Thu Dec 25 00:03:18 2003

Maple Ridge Farm
Hi, We are a small farm located in Central Michigan where my husband and I have a small herd of Nigerian's. I wanted a dairy goat (with a meaning one)for milking purposes. Then I found the Nigerian Dwarf breed and fell in love with them..They make such fantastic pets, family milkers, show goats, you name it and they can fit into anyones life style. Please take to contact us and stop and visit our farm. We do usually have babies for sale in the Spring.
Telephone: 989-268-5447
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf
1134670359   Posted: Thu Dec 15 13:12:39 2005

Mar Bon Dairy
I got started in goats because of the horses. We raised and showed Appaloosas for 20 years. One of our very expensive mares foaled with no milk so we rented a goat to raise the foal. Needless to say 1 goat did not make enough milk so we purchased a milking doe at the auction. Once the foal was weaned we had to return the rented goat and now were left with a very lonely doe. We again went to the auction to get her a friend. Being total novices at goats we didn't know the friend was pregnant. So 2 goats led to 4 goats and anyone who has goats knows how the math works. Needless to say a few years later we were being overun with goats. During that time I sustained a work injury and most of the horses had to go as I could no longer ride or show. Being the animal lover I decided to turn the goats into a business as I could still handle them. A short time later in 2000 Mar Bon Dairy was born. We are a liscensed commercial goat dairy making cheddar cheeses. We have a herd of approximatly 200 head, including registered and recorded grade Saanens,Alpines, Nubians and LaManchas. Most doe kids are raised and used as replacements while bucks are raised and sold for meat. In the spring of 2003 we purchased another property and built a new facility including a parlor,milkhouse and processing room. Come and see us visitors are always welcome
R.R. # 4 Box 745   Little Marsh, PA   16950
Telephone: 570-376-4970
  Species: goat/horses
  Breed(s): saanen,nubian,alpine,lamancha,appaloosas
1068350113   Posted: Sat Nov 8 22:55:13 2003

Maruquitas Goat Ranch
Welcome to Maruquitas Goat Ranch. We are located in sunny Maricopa, Az about 45 miles southwest of Phoenix. Maricopa is a small but growing rural area with nice mountain views and great sunsets. Our ranch is only 6 acres and we both work full time jobs, but we manage to keep a mixed herd of 30 to 60 goats, 2 horses and 2 dogs. The milk is used to make soap, cheese, yogurt, sour cream and butter. We also have a commercial feed license to sell milk for pet consumption. or replacement milk for orphaned animals. Hope you can come visit sometime. Neil and Carmen McBride
52852 W. Organ Pipe Rd.   Maricopa, AZ   85239
Telephone: 520-424-3591
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): breed
1066182272   Posted: Tue Oct 14 21:44:32 2003

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