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Maryalan Farms
Maryalan Farms has been in existence since 1983. Since the farm is a combination of Judy and Scott Robb’s efforts. The farm name is a combination of Judy and Scott’s middle names - Marya and Alan. After considering sheep we started with Holstein and Jersey cows because there was no place to market sheep’s milk. We, at one time, owned the number 1 DHIA ranked Jersey in Wisconsin. We decided we needed a break from milking 2 times a day 365 days a year. So, in 1989 we sold the cows and moved north. After a couple of years we missed the companionship of livestock and started to raise a couple of sheep. Well, one thing lead to another and we now are the largest sheep flocks in the county. We are milking sheep and Judy is working on becoming a licensed cheesemaker in Wisconsin. We are also going to be building a small farmstead cheese plant and processing our own milk. In the past year there has been a real interest in meat goats. The kids are raising meat goats and sheep for the county fair. We now have 5 does to start a small herd of goats.
993145239   Posted: Thu Jun 21 13:40:39 2001

Mason Dixon
Origionally, both my mother and myself shared the hername "Stoneyridge" (still used by my mother). Deciding in 2001 that I needed a unique name, I chose Mason Dixon, primarily because of our proximity to The Mason Dixon line. I also have an interest in U.s. history, making the name even more facinating for me. We started out with Nubians, and now have only Saanens (Stoneyridge) and Lamanchas (Mason Dixon).
Telephone: 301 972 1195
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Lamancha, Saanen, Grade,
1020019096   Posted: Sun Apr 28 14:38:16 2002

Mayhem LaManchas
Raising show quality LaManchas since 2002. We raise and sell registered LaManchas on a 6 acre wooded hillside in the middle of Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio. We are dedicated to promoting the LaMancha breed as a quality dairy goat. We have 4 dogs, 5 cats, 1 guinea pig and our beloved LaManchas. Hence the name Mayhem.  
25750 Big Pine Road   Rockbridge, OH   43149
Telephone: 740-380-0162
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): LaMancha
1101779132   Posted: Mon Nov 29 20:45:32 2004

McAdoo's River Bottom Ranch
Hey from Texas! Ron and I recently inherited 12 quarter horses which led to getting the 113 acres 2 miles from our Irving home. I rescued/rustled a young wether traveling down the road. He must've been bottlefed, what a little cuddlebug - my first ever experience with a goat. While I searched for his owner, my son bought me a pregnant Nigerian Dwarf for my May 3rd birthday so that I wouldn't be so sad if I had to give Zacheus up. After only 3 months, we now have 11 in our double registered (NDGA & AGS) herd, and I LOVE MY GOATS!! We're so new and have lots to learn but intend to enjoy every step along the way! We're hoping to add to both herds and find a Great Pyranees for a guardian. We love babies, of course. Had 2 foals and triplet kids in June!
2438 Tenth Street (home) 1923 W. Hunter Ferrell (ranch)   Irving (home) Grand Prairie (ranch), TX   75060
Telephone: 972-790-4708
  Species: Horses & Goats
  Breed(s): Quarter horses and Nigerian Dwarf goats (not ranch related?? need a new website : )  
1027610011   Posted: Thu Jul 25 11:13:31 2002

Meadow Stone Farm
We started with a wether named Francois; then went back to buy his mother from our goat mentor at Daughters' Farm in Moosup - we have been learning from Cecile who has been in the business breeding the best of the best in Saanens for 40 years - she is a world of knowledge. We sell our raw goat milk soaps around the world, and the have been described across the continent as "the best ever." We have just recently received our Grade A Raw milk license, and will be working on cheese when our Micro-Dairy cheese equipment arrives late this summer - it is being shipped from Europe.
1156369853   Posted: Wed Aug 23 17:50:53 2006

Merry Menagerie Farm
Telephone: 740-385-4255
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Toggenburgs and Alpines
1145288441   Posted: Mon Apr 17 11:40:41 2006

Mirra Bella Caprines
The official herd name MirraBella is relivity new. I had had grade milkers since 1979. My first was a Toggenburg named Hazel with a hugh utter. She taught me the art of milking by hand.I had her over ten years. She came here to Virginia with me but I lost her kidding about a year later. My next involvement was in Nubians. I now have 15 pure bred Nubian does and 12 American Alpine does. I keep 4 Nubian bucks and two American Alpine bucks here. This year I purchased my first Saanen doe. So the hunt will be on for a friend for her in 2003. Oh yes the herd name in and about all this goatie stuff I married my best friend. He is doing real well for a city boy. Our first doe was named after his beloved grandmother, Carmella. I thought it would be appropiate to utilize her whole name as our herd name. So Mirra Bella Caprines was born
Telephone: 434-223-2027
  Species: Caprines
  Breed(s): Nubian,Alpine,Saanan
1045349579   Posted: Sat Feb 15 17:52:59 2003

Misery Farm
Misery Farm was a name chosen by our equine vet when we bought and cared for abused horses. We started raising Spanish goats in 1988 and converted to Registered Full Blood Boer breeding stock in 1997. We are a closed herd,CL, CAE free and enrolled in the SC scrapie program for over a year.
206 Heatleys End Rd   Santee, , SC   29142
Telephone: 803-897-3078
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Boer
1005511522   Posted: Sun Nov 11 15:45:22 2001

Misery Farm
After my husband retired from the USN we bought property in Santee, SC, he adopted a wild horse from the BLM, because he thought she was lonely, we bought another young colt who was in dire straits due to lack of nutrition, one thing led to another and we started taking in abused horses, our equine vet called said we should either be Misery farm or Mercy Farm, Our children and relatives stuck with Miseery Farm and even though we got out of horses into goats the name has stayed!
206 Heatleys End Rd   Santee, SC   29142
Telephone: 803-897-3078
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): F.B. Boer
1035746297   Posted: Sun Oct 27 14:18:17 2002

Mockingbird Hill Farm
We are the Dowden Family living in Wylie, TX which is about 30 minutes northeast of Dallas. Our home was one of the original homesteads owned by the Postmaster of Wylie. He named the driveway Mockingbird Hill and that's where we got the name! Although we've lived here 14+ years, we've only been in the goat business since May of 2003. We raise Nigerian Dwarf and mini Lamancha goats. Our first goal is milk production and everything after that is added bonus! We bottle raise our babies and in turn have the friendliest little goats you can imagine! Our herd will always be small so that no goat is ever overlooked so be sure to check our website or give us a call and we'll do our best to get you what you want!
Telephone: (972)442-3031
  Species: Dairy Goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf, Mini LaMancha
1102439383   Posted: Tue Dec 7 12:09:43 2004

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