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Hi, We are Dennis and Judy Ansetta from the Never Done Ranch in Deridder, Louisiana. We started in 1994 with three pygmy goats but when we saw the boers we were in love! We named our place the Never Done Ranch because my father used to always say that ranch work is Never Done!! Now with a large herd of goats to care for - we see what he meant. We have a large herd of fullblood and percentage goats, a whole bunch of pet dogs, chickens, peacocks, guineas and 6 livestock guard dogs. We both work full time for the Army and then work full time at the ranch. And as our name implies - we are Never Done!!
686 Ingallwood Park Road   DeRidder, LA   70634
Telephone: 337-463-6925
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Boer
1033228685   Posted: Sat Sep 28 11:58:05 2002

NLEC Farms
NLEC Farms is part of a Christian community dedicated to helping those in need. Our farm is a new endeavour of the ministry, lovingly referred to as the homestead. Our Dairy goat herd consists of Nubians, saanen and alpine goats.(Seven in number with more on the way.) We hope to be able to give to needy families a kid to get them started in something sustainable. We also are moving into organic farming, and will put around four acres into vegtable production this spring.
23 s. Main   Webb City, MO   64870
Telephone: 417-359-9800
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nubian,Saanen,Alpine
none at present (it is a work in progress)
1016123644   Posted: Thu Mar 14 11:34:04 2002

5357 Jessica Court   Mansfield, TX   76063
Telephone: (817)572-6348
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nubians-Alpines-Recorded Grades
994617187   Posted: Sun Jul 8 14:33:07 2001

my herd name was made by putting my husband and my name together nancy and dan I 've been raising goats since 1975 in oroville,california and begaining with showing in 1992.I raise saanens,alpines ,nubians,boers and injoy meeting new people and breeds. I also have heelers ruby and buddy my couch buddies.
6975 citrus ave   oroville, CA   95965
Telephone: 530-532-8783
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): alpines,saanens,nubians,boers
1073455973   Posted: Wed Jan 7 01:12:53 2004

After years of being around horses and cattle, we got our start with goats in April 1999. Our daughter, Heidi, was given a four day old orphan foal and we were told the best thing to raise her on was goat milk. The foal was aptly named Annie, after Little Orphan Annie and her motherís name also happened to be Ann. We didnít intend to keep goats around after raising Annie, so we borrowed and rent goats. After a couple of weeks we were hooked on goats and began checking into the different dairy breeds to see which we wanted to raise. We picked Toggenburgs because we love their color and markings, plus the fact that they maintain better milk production in colder climates. Along with our registered Toggs we continue raise orphan foals. We also make soaps and lotions with goat milk along with other natural products. Our herd name came from our first grandchild referring to me a Nanny, plus it fit with having goats. It seemed natural to add to it for NannyKid Farm. Our farm is ten miles from town and has seen our three children running around it with two Shetland ponies for years, so as our children grow and leave home weíll always be able see kids running about. Annie now stands 16 hands and gets the credit for starting it all. Our motto "Goats and soaps with tender love and care, and Godís guidance." Guess that should also include all the orphan foals weíve raised, because that too requires a lot of TLC along with constant prayer for Godís guidance. We consider ourselves His instruments. He showed us a love for goats and brings foals to us, working through us to care for them. We are truly blessed. Norleen & Mike Cheser
55 Mayoworth Toad   Kaycee, WY   82639
Telephone: (307)
  Species: goat, horse
  Breed(s): Toggenburg Dairy Goats
1014591744   Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:02:24 2002

Nazworthy Acres
We are Leon and Cindy Nazworthy of St. Charles, Iowa. We have a small acreage which we share with some horses, dogs, cats, and goats. In 2005 we became committed to being a serious breeder of Nubians, (which are known for their outstanding Dairy ability). In addition to the raising of Myotonics. We are dedicated in helping increase their status of a very rare breed, to a breed of plenty! Note, that these goats have the build of a meat breed animal, and have been tested to reveal a better meat-to-bone ratio than any other goat breed! Not to mention, they make great easy-going and loving companions!!! The Myotonics are listed on the AMERICAN LIVESTOCK BREED CONSERVANCY LIST, due to rareness of this breed.
Telephone: 641) 728-4781
  Species: goats, ( horses, dogs, cats)
  Breed(s): Nubians, Myotonics
1126191418   Posted: Thu Sep 8 10:56:58 2005

We're Teg Gregory and Shelby Brown, and have been raising goats since 1998. We named our business - Anala Goat Company - for Shelby's beloved nanny, Anala Hebert, cajun-extroidinare. She is known as Mommy Nell by all her family and extended family. She laughs and laughs when I tell her that she has about 100 goats named after her... So now we raise colored boers, alpines and sannens in SE Texas, and we love visitors, whether they are virtual or in person.
15501 Alton Road   Beasley, TX   77417
1080419174   Posted: Sat Mar 27 15:26:14 2004

New Era
The New Era Dairy goat herd was started in the early 1990's. I had rasied dogs under teh New Era name and was getting into Oberhasli. I really had no idea that there had been a very popular herd of Alpines and Nubians raised under this herd name in the past. In 2002 we started shipping milk as a commercial dairy. The New Era herd now consisits of Alpine, Oberhasli, and Saanen.
2656 Gould Rd   Onondaga, MI   49264
1039272511   Posted: Sat Dec 7 09:48:31 2002

Newland (Nubians)
Pretty simple... I started out raising purebred registered Nubians in 1987. This is the year I first started milking and bottle raising kids and I took over the herd from my father who had never registered offspring. I was nine at the time... I had to register a "herd name" with the ADGA in order to register my offspring. I lived on Newland Road. When you're nine years old, you don't spend a lot of time thinking about these things (-: I decided "Newland Nubians" had a nice ring to it and the name was available so it worked for me! I have had people contact me and ask me if there is the name "Newland" in my family. No, can't say there is, I just though it sounded good. Catherine Sizer FKA Catherine Talley, no longer living on Newland Road (-:
Rural Route 1 Box 1180   New Castle, VA   24127
Telephone: 540-864-5340
  Species: goat, sheep, cattle, chicken, turkey, mule, ABC dog, cats
  Breed(s): Nubians, commercial Dorsets, French Marans, Rio Grande, Spanish Black, Blackmouth Cur, etc. etc.!
1107385998   Posted: Wed Feb 2 18:13:18 2005

Nic-er farm Dairy Goats, Boers & Llamas
Nic-er Farm(pronounced Nik-er) started 20 years ago as a 4-H project for our daughters, Nicole and Erin. Hence the name, Nic from Nicole and Er from Erin. As our girls grew up mom and dad started showing more. Eventually the girls got married, had children of their and the goats went by the wayside. But we loved the goats, so we kept the best of the lot and the rest is history. We started with Nubians and Lamanchas, then Oberhasli and Saanens, which we have now.. We have been very successful in showing and have made lots of friends.
440 W. 1000 N.   Decatur,  
1087129016   Posted: Sun Jun 13 08:16:56 2004

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