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Nic-er farm Dairy Goats, Boers & Llamas
Nic-er Farm(pronounced Nik-er) started 20 years ago as a 4-H project for our daughters, Nicole and Erin. Hence the name, Nic from Nicole and Er from Erin. As our girls grew up mom and dad started showing more. Eventually the girls got married, had children of their and the goats went by the wayside. But we loved the goats, so we kept the best of the lot and the rest is history. We started with Nubians and Lamanchas, then Oberhasli and Saanens, which we have now.. We have been very successful in showing and have made lots of friends.
440 W. 1000 N.   Decatur, IN   46733
Telephone: 260-724-4532
  Species: goats, boers, llamas
  Breed(s): Oberhasli, Saanens
1087129089   Posted: Sun Jun 13 08:18:09 2004

Nightsong Farms
We are Norman and Susie Stretton. We live in a flat area between two rises which are covered with forest. At night the coyotes who live in the forests howl at each other across the flat. Our dogs howl back and are then joined by the goats, cows, peacocks, guineas etc. Our Nightsong goes on for about 30 minutes each night. We have been here six years. We raise dairy and fiber goats and use our wethers for pack and cart. Come and see us when you are in the area.
9850 Hwy 113   Dry Creek, LA  
Telephone: 337-328-7600
  Species: Dairy and fiber goats, standard and bantam chickens, geese, guineas, peacocks and cattle
  Breed(s): Saanen and angora goats, several varieties bantams and chickens
1006749225   Posted: Sun Nov 25 23:33:45 2001

We live in Florida and our farm consists of many over 100 year old Live Oak trees. So incorporating my last name and the farms attributes began the Noble-Oaks herd name. As with many my herd started in 1987 with my daughters 4H interests and now she grown and out of the house I have become owner and caregiver of our predominantly Lamancha herd. Last year adding a couple of Sable Saanens. I also still am involved with the 4H ers in our area and Welcome all and everyone to stop by. Lynn Noble
P.O. Box 665   Williston,   32696
Telephone: 352-528-3200
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): breed
993817390   Posted: Fri Jun 29 08:23:10 2001

We are a small farm in the tiny village of Hall Summit, LA. We are located about 35 miles south of Bossier City. We have been breeders of Nubian dairy goats since 2000, and have recently added Nigerians to the farm. We also own a couple of Alpines and look to expand that part of our herd in the coming years for increased milk volume.
Rt 1, Box 545   Hall Summit, LA   71034
Telephone: 318-932-9772
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nubians, Alpines and Nigerians
1034507007   Posted: Sun Oct 13 07:03:27 2002

North Eden
1074011245   Posted: Tue Jan 13 11:27:25 2004

North Eden
North Eden Farm, home to our Boer goats, is located eight kilometers north of Edenwold, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the 640 grid. Eight years ago we, Jerry and Darlyne Holberg, bought an old dairy farm along with twenty goats. Nineteen of these goats were half blood Boer does along with one purebred Boer buck. We presently have one hundred purebred, percentage registered and commercial does. Our purebred stock is from South African bloodlines and Full Canadians bred up using purebred registered bucks and the offspring of our original herd. Our percentage animals and commercials are crossed with Saanan and Nubian dairy goats.
1072548422   Posted: Sat Dec 27 13:07:02 2003

North Pine Ridge
Telephone: 541-566-9412
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Nubians,LaManchas,Obers and Boers
1145485532   Posted: Wed Apr 19 18:25:32 2006

Northern Arizona Anatolians
We are Michael and Pam, happily living in the country. We raise nubian, pygmy and nigerian dwarf goats. We are located about 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. We also breed and rescue anatolian shepherd dogs. We have a variety of other animals including llamas, pigs, and others. Our small family farm now includes goat milk products and llama wool products. If you visit the Grand Canyon, stop in and visit us.
2776 E. Hoctor Rd.   Williams, AZ   86046
Telephone: (928)635-9610
  Species: goat, dogs, llamas, pigs
  Breed(s): nubian, pygmy, nigerian, anatolian
1018470774   Posted: Wed Apr 10 16:32:54 2002

Northern Kentucky WindyAcres - "Raising Nubians the Natural Way" Breeder of ADGA Registered Purebred and American Nubian Dairy Goats on a small, family farm located in the peaceful hills of Dry Ridge, KY in Grant County USA. Please visit our website!
Grant County   Dry Ridge, KY   41035  
1108167263   Posted: Fri Feb 11 19:14:23 2005

Northern Sky Goats
Welcome to Northern Sky Goats I am Edna I come up with the name Northern Sky due to the lovely skies we have in Saskatchewan.I have 70 head cross with Boer/Dairy.Come on in and have a look
Telephone: 306-323-2073
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Boar/Dairy
1074096001   Posted: Wed Jan 14 11:00:01 2004

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