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O Bar Livestock
Our great grandfather's brand was an o with a bar above it. This is our second year with rabbits, our ninth year raising sheep, and we are just getting into goats and cattle. We are activly involved in our 4-H club and we are the president and vice president of the club.
1095304544   Posted: Wed Sep 15 23:15:44 2004

Were located in southwestern Arkansas .We started raising nubians in 1993 with grade nubian doe my daughter started showing the little doe kid out of our grade doe then she bought a purebred doe and thats what started it all. our herd name came from our last name is Olvera so we took the O and there is 4 in our family so we came up with O-GO-4-It farm. We raise purebred nubians and a few lamanchas .
Telephone: 870-772-1079
  Species: goats jersey cows
  Breed(s): Nubians & lamanchas
1064872531   Posted: Mon Sep 29 17:55:31 2003

Okie H Dairy Goats
Hi All My name is Charles Holden, my family Annie(wife) and 4 kids Bobby, LeLe, Shelby, and Ashlee live in Sulphur, Oklahoma. We have been raising Goats for about 15 years. Our main goal with the goats is that they be healthy productive animals for as long as possible. Our main breed at this time is Oberhasli. We also have Lamancha's, Nubians, Alpines. We are always happy to respond to any questions you may have. HAPPY GOATING Okiegoat
Rt. 1 Box 209   Sulphur, OK   73086
Telephone: 580-622-4184
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Oberhasli, Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian
1081113313   Posted: Sun Apr 4 17:15:13 2004

Olalla Creek Nubians
Olalla Creek Farm is 3 years old. Olalla Creek was recently registered with ADGA this past Spring. On our beautiful property, we have a gully that has a small creek turning into a waterfall. I could not think of a name to match it and since we have a creek called Olalla nearby, I decided it was the perfect match for our farm name. Olalla is, also, the name of the town that we live in. We raise Nubians for show and milk. I plan to be involved in milk tests hoping to do a one day test eventually. We are rabbit growers and enjoy raising them. If anyone is interested in a purchase of a nubian goat, please check over our web site for availability. Kidding starts at Christmas this year! :o) Can't wait for those cute litte kids to enter the world! :o)
1001829687   Posted: Sun Sep 30 02:01:27 2001

Old West Farm
We started with Nubians in 1998 as a 4-H project and have continued to raise Nubians and Alpines. Nubians seemed to be the most adapted for the weather here is southern Arizona but the Alpines like it also. We breed our Does starting in August so we start Kidding in January. Our Does are mostly bred for the show ring but have strong milking records also. We enjoy traveling to shows and making new Goat friends
Telephone: 520-616-7616
  Species: Dairy Goats
  Breed(s): Nubians, Alpines
1145920064   Posted: Mon Apr 24 19:07:44 2006

Old'n Times
We are a small hobby farm Located inExtreme NE Ohio. On our farm we have a lovely herd of Quality Reg. Nigerian Dwarf Goats. My daughter also has some Reg. Nubians. We are soon looking to add Tenn. fainting Goats to our herd.
1152225466   Posted: Thu Jul 6 18:37:46 2006

Olson Acres
We live in S.E. Wisconsin. We started out with a couple of non registered pygmy's about 8 years ago and have ended up raising these wonderful little nigerian dwarf dairy goats. Our herd name started out as a joke on our answering machine making fun of our little hobby type farm on our 11 acres, and it turned into the real thing. We thoroughly enjoy these miniature giants in the dairy world as do many others.
Telephone: (262) 942-0585
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf Diary Goats
1131855965   Posted: Sat Nov 12 23:26:05 2005

One-N-Udders Farm
Our farm name came about when we were asked, "Who's farm is it, anyway?" Being a very democratic family, I would answer: It's not his, nor is it mine, it's just One-N-Udders! We began raising Alpine Dairy Goats in 1978, with our first purchase of these loveable creatures. Since then, we've had as many as 100 and as few as 7 goats in our barn. Through the years we have become appreciative of their gentle dispositions and productive qualities. They have been, and will continue to be, members of our family unit. ~Toni & Butch Krause, of Coleman, Michigan
8653 N Chippewa Rd   Coleman, MI   48618
Telephone: 989-465-1506
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Alpine
1047163916   Posted: Sat Mar 8 17:51:56 2003

Over EZ Acres
I named my herd Over EZ Acres because I raise Fainting /Myotonic goats and the fall over easily. My name is Cheryl Hedrick and I started my herd in the fall of 1990 with a polled buck given to me through my vet. I became hooked and have close to a hundred in my collection now. I have many bloodlines and colors. I have both blue and brown eyed. I also have polled ( born without horns ) and horned. I have a variety of sizes. All of my goats are IFGA registered.
Telephone: 405-386-3367
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Fainting/Myotonic
1128861618   Posted: Sun Oct 9 08:40:18 2005

Ozark Jewels Boers & Nubians
My Ozark Jewels Boers & Nubian herd really just got started in Spring 2002. I started out with unregistered stock several years ago and fell in love with goats. After all, who could help it?? I switched over in 2002 to all registered Nubians and registered Boers. I was trying to come up with a herd name and I was sitting watching my goats browse one day and admiring the way they sparkle and gleam in the sun...Well, the word Jewel came to mind and since we live in the Missouri Ozarks I decided on Ozark Jewels. I have Purebred and American Nubians, Many are show quality, and make great home milkers as well. I am breeding for a hardy easy keeper who milks well and can be shown also. And although it is certainly secondary, I love SPOTS and lots of color!! My Nubian bloodlines include Old Glory, Crown Hill, Copper Hill, Goddard Farms, No-Doubt and many more. My Boer does are all percentages but one and my two herd sires are FullBloods. I am breeding for a meaty, easy keeper in the Boer catagory as well. And some are show quality as well. Well, that is a short bio of my herd, feel free to drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you!!=) My family also has Jersey cows and occaisonally have heifers and bulls to sell. And rarely we even sell a home milk cow or two.=) Emily Dixon Ozark Jewels Boers & Nubians
8098 Oaks Lane   Graff, MO   65660
Telephone: 417-668-5924
  Species: Goat & Cow
  Breed(s): Nubians, Boers, and Jersey cows
1091969648   Posted: Sun Aug 8 08:54:08 2004

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