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The Pandanus (pan-dan-us) is a small tree that grows on the hillsides in semi tropical climates. It is seen in lots of picture postcards of Hawaii. The long palm like leaves are used to make mats and baskets. There are female and male trees, the male trees have a plume and an odor. The female trees produce a globular fibrous fruit that looks like the alveoli in the inside of a udder. When they go to seed these pieces fall apart and look like a goat tail clipped for show. As the trees mature they grow extra "legs" that hold them secure to the hillsides. I spend a year in Maui when I first became a member of ADGA 26 years ago. I chose Pandanus as my herdname because it seemed like such a "goaty" tree! Dar Glasgow Addington Walla Walla Washington
102 Locati Lane   Walla Walla, WA   99362
Telephone: 509 525 3033
  Species: Dairy Goat
  Breed(s): Alpine Saanen Sable Packgoat
992710463   Posted: Sat Jun 16 12:54:23 2001

PEACLOND is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "Peacland". This is an area of Derbyshire (UK) commonly known now as Peakland or the Peak District. It is a National Park and a very beautiful area. Most people think it was named after the hills and peaks, but the Peacs were the ancient nomadic hunting tribes that first inhabited the region.I lived in the Peak District for many years and chose Peaclond as my prefix for both my goats and English Setter dogs.
Orchard Cottage, Befcote Lane, Gnosall   Stafford, GBR   ST20 0EB
Telephone: +44 (0) 1785 824897
  Species: GOATS
985048824   Posted: Mon Mar 19 19:40:24 2001

PJ's Farm
We begain raising Tennessee Myotonic Fainting goats in 1999 with a small herd of 4 does and 1 buck. Since that time our herd has grown to 50+ which are predominately red and white. Raising Tennessee goats is a real labor of love.
Telephone: 352-637-6182
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Tennessee Myotonic Fainting Goats
1077826660   Posted: Thu Feb 26 15:17:40 2004

Pacific Star Farm
Hi, we are the Land family and we live in Southern Oregon. We started with a few Pygmy goats when my son entered 4H. Soon I began to think of what I could possibly do with these lovable Pygmy’s when my son entered college in three or four years down the road. I decided it was best to find a goat that I could enjoy raising myself. I fell in love with Pygora goats; they had the size and personality of Pygmy’s and their wonderful fleece was a plus! We have fallen in love with Pygora goats (a cross between a registered Pygmy and registered Angora) and started breeding them as well. If you’ve never seen a Pygora…you’re in for a wonderful surprise. And, they’re very addicting…no one can stop at owning just a few!!
1015729054   Posted: Sat Mar 9 21:57:34 2002

Painted Bar Ghost Farm
It took me awhile to figure this out. But I finally found the right name for my place. I am a newly started breeder of the paints and quarterhorse. Please see website for more info.  
1112505677   Posted: Sun Apr 3 00:21:17 2005

Painted Rose Ranch
We raise IFGA registered Fainting Goats, of many colors, in addition to our APHA registered Paint Horses. Thus...Painted Rose Ranch. Our Ranch began in 1998 and we are so excited to be involved with these special goats. Come visit us...we look forward to meeting you. Kelly and Julie Rose
1137628834   Posted: Wed Jan 18 19:00:34 2006

Palomino (BGS)
We are introducing the Golden Guernsey genes into our herd. Because ADGA doesn't recognise these goats, we joined the BGS, British Goat Society, to give the percentage kids proper documentation. Our herd name for BGS is Palomino, as the first cross kids we got look like the golden horses!
102 Locati Lane   Walla Walla, WA   99362
Telephone: 509 525 3033
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): golden
1055172344   Posted: Mon Jun 9 11:25:44 2003

Pans Place Pygoras
Pans Place was named from the Greek god of animals, "PAN". Since Pan was a bit of a jokster the name fit for the home of a group of registered Pygora goats. Our furry goatie friends live on this small farm in the hills of east Tennessee. A Pygora is a small and friendly goat which is a cross between an Angora and a Pygmy. You get the size, fun and friendliness on a Pygmy and the long fleece of an Angora. Pygoras are not sold for food and make a great pet.
1111972648   Posted: Sun Mar 27 20:17:28 2005

Paradise Valley Farm
Located In North Georgia, we raise a variety of miniature and small homesteading livestock. We raise nigerian dwarf goats-INCLUDING POLLED, SPOTTED AND BLUE EYES),nubians and mini nubians, miniature horses, pinto, blue eyed and tiny potbelly piglets, flemish giant rabbits, miniature sheep including babydoll sheep, old english southdown sheep, miniature cheviot sheep, and more.
Telephone: 706 348 7279
  Species: mini livestock, goats, cow, horse, sheep
  Breed(s): nigerian dwarf goats, mini nubian goats, potbelly pigs, babydoll sheep, mini cheviot sheep, miniature horses, flemish giant rabbits.
1125267042   Posted: Sun Aug 28 18:10:42 2005

I'm relatively new to goats, but fell hopelessly in love with Alpines. I have some great mentors in my area so things are going amazingly well. I have a wonderful buckling "Timshel Semper Fi Col. Oliver" and three beautiful does...expecting Ollie's first babies this Spring!
12501 Station Rd.   North East, PA   16428
Telephone: 814-725-0011
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Alpine
1100266979   Posted: Fri Nov 12 08:42:59 2004

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