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PePaws Farm
Pepaws Farm Is located in rural N.E. Alabama. We raise Tenessee Fainting Goats along with Dorper/Katahdin sheep. Come visit my site any time
1097371720   Posted: Sat Oct 9 21:28:40 2004

Perez Pygoras
We have a twenty acre ranch in the boonies outside Tucson, AZ. Our pygora herd started from a pygmy rescue buck and a couple of angora does we bought from a neighbor in 1999. We now have about 40 happy, bouncing pygoras. If you would like to purchase one, or are in the area and want to visit, email us!
Telephone: 520-404-8160
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): pygoras
1088789676   Posted: Fri Jul 2 13:34:36 2004

Pfaff Pfamily Pfarm
Hi, we are a fainting goat (myotonic) breeder located in southeastern Wisconsin. We sell IFGA registered goats. Please visit our web site for more information.
W1950 Rock Rd   Iron Ridge, WI   53035
Telephone: 920-387-9877
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Myotonic, fainting, mini, miniature, Tennessee stiff goat, Tennessee meat goat, scare goat
1125672727   Posted: Fri Sep 2 10:52:07 2005

Phantom Farms
Phantom Farms is located in beautiful Cedar Hill, Tennessee - just 30 miles NW of Nashville. We specialize in Tennessee Fainting Goats. We have black/white, browns, and even BLUE fainting goats! We breed for unique markings and patterns and hope to carry on the line of blues with select breeding.
1140992847   Posted: Sun Feb 26 17:27:27 2006

Pholia Farm Nigerians
Composed of the first three letters of our oldest daughters name and the last three of our youngest, Pholia is the name we use for our Nigerian Dwarf farm and Creamery.
Telephone: 541-324-8993
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf
1128360050   Posted: Mon Oct 3 13:20:50 2005

Pine Creek Alpines
Welcome to Pine Creek! We are a relatively new herd as we’ve only been around breeding these beautiful animals for approximately 5 years now. However, in this short we feel that we have accumulated a very nice quality of animal that we are proud to show off in the show ring as well as in the milk bucket! We primarily raise registered American and French Alpine dairy goats although we have dabbled a little bit with Nubians this past year. Alpines are our real love though so the herd has once again been reduced to only these beautiful animals. We got our start in alpines when I (Jennifer Lichtenwalner) was introduced to 4H through a friend Martha Thompson who also raises primarily alpines. She launched my start into alpines by selling us our first American Alpine Buck—Willow-Xing Blue MTN Lynx. While Lynx was a beautiful buck that threw very correct daughters he no longer resides here as he had a very nasty temper. The herd only grew to there until it has become what it has today. We have tried our best to narrow our animals down this past year through culling to the best of the best. Explaining why we only have three senior does in milk at the time! These three individuals come the closest to meeting what we think the ideal alpine doe should be like and we hope that their offspring will soon meet that ideal. In order to help our girls meet our expectations we try to provide our goats with the best nutrition possible! There are allowed to roam freely on 15 acres of pasture as well as being fed free choice high quality alfalfa. Along with this the girls and guys are given Purina Goat Chow and Goat Mineral Year round as well as having access to salt blocks. UPDATE September 2003: This has been our first year testing for CAE and we are pleased to announce that the entire herd has tested negative for CAE through Oregon State University! They will be tested again just prior to kidding in March 2004 to be sure. If you have any questions or you’d like to stop by and visit feel free to click on the mailbox below to let us know you’re coming! Thank-you for your interest in the herd!! Jennifer Lichtenwalner Pine Creek Alpines  
1067445269   Posted: Wed Oct 29 11:34:29 2003

Pine Falls Nubians
Hi, we started out with Nubians in the Spring of 2001. Our reason for getting the goats is for the milk to make soap for our personal use. Since then we have fallen in love with the breed and decided to expand our herd just a little bit. We strive for milk quantity and show quality. Our farm name, pine falls, came from our waterfall that is surrounded by pine trees. We thought it was a perfect name and felt that it matched us. Thanks for reading. :-)
1018390767   Posted: Tue Apr 9 18:19:27 2002

Pine-Way Lamanchas
When I started goats in goats almost 8 years ago, my herd name was AZ Farm. I had all different breeds, and really wasn't real serious at the time. In 1997 I won my first Lamancha at a local show. After a few months I knew I wanted more! The next year all my other breeds were sold, and I bought more Lamanchas. It was in 1999 when I had my first Lamancha kid born, that I decided to get a "REAL" herd name, and get serious about my Lamanchas. We thinking of names, we tried for High Point (Forgetting a close friend of mine had it already, no wonder it sounded good ), Stone Hill, and High Pines. Our driveway is 700 Feet long, and lined on the whole right side by tall Pine Trees. The trees follow around the barn and come back around to the opposite side of the property. So Pine-Way came about, when I e-mailed ADGA back telling them I wanted Pine-Way, I was told it was taken already!!!!! So between my Mother and I, we came up with Pine-Wae. My mothers middle name is Rea, so that part of the name goes to her! Before settling on Pine-Wae, I tried to track the owner of Pine-Way, or a relative so I could use it. It was owned my a 4-H'er about 50 years ago I believe, who lived in the Illinois area, her name was Muriel. ADGA Gave me several phone numbers, and I had her last name. For a few months I searched for this lady, with no luck. All leads came up nothing. So Pine-Wae it is, but you will still see Pine-Way on the logo, and everything else. Every time I sell an animal I get an urgent call saying that it was wrong on the pedigree, cause it says Pine-Wae, so I have to tell the story, and how Pine-Way become Wae. Adam Milliron Pine-Way Lamanchas
988242107   Posted: Wed Apr 25 19:41:47 2001

Pinebrook Farm
We started raising Christmas Trees along a "brook". We then purchased some goats to eat brush and now have over 50 head of registered Boer goats.
10360 Hedgesville Rd.   Hedgesville, WV   25427
Telephone: 304-754-9356
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Boer
1132372715   Posted: Fri Nov 18 22:58:35 2005

Plamondon Farm
The name is a family name. We began several years back with a couple Alpines, and grew into meat goats, namely boers. When we outgrew our 1 1/3 acre homestead, we moved back to the family farm that had been un-farmed for 15 years, with a 100+ year old barn to renovate. Since then our herd has grown. We are currently the only ABGA registered herd in Northern Michigan. I hope to change that by selling breeding stock to other goat owners. So far, so good!
5842 E. Hohnke Rd.   Cedar,   49621
Telephone: 231-256-9120
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): breed
988132564   Posted: Tue Apr 24 13:16:04 2001

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