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Rambo Ranch Boer Goats
Welcome to Rambo Ranch, the home of Karen & Percy Venglar. We named it Rambo Ranch because both my husband and I served in the Army and now are retired. We raise and breed Boer goats. We are located in Palacios, TX. What started out 8 years ago as a act of mercy has turned into a business. But that little goat sparked an interest that sent me on a quest to research Boer goat production and to establish a herd that is now producing 4-H and FFA Show goats as well as breeding stock. With eight years of experience behind us now and 4 years experience in the US Army as a Veterinary Technician, helping 4-H and FFA members have a good experience with their goat is our main objective. We are presently running about 40 head of nannies and three bucks. We have had up to 60, but a little over 3 years ago, we lost about 2/3 of our herd to a tornado. We are rebuilding the herd slowly, stressing quality over quantity. We have the traditional red head/white body Boer goats as well as Registered FB and percentage Red Boers and Paints. Please feel free to visit us or email us about out goats.
Telephone: 361-972-6240
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): boer
989805951   Posted: Sun May 13 22:05:51 2001

Rams Farm
Our herd of Nubians started with a doe we bought from Paul Hopkins of Wise Acres Farm. That was over 20 years ago~ and the rest, as they say, was history. Our last name was Ramsdell so naturally Rams Farm or Rams Dell became our choices. Rams Farm was the one that stuck. At the time we had more sheep than anything else so it made sense.
373 West Maine Street   Denmark, ME   04022
Telephone: 207-452-2772
  Species: Goats and Dogs
  Breed(s): Nubians and Old English Sheepdogs
1009464423   Posted: Thu Dec 27 09:47:03 2001

Rancho-Snowfall Alpines and LaManchas is located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, at about 8,000 feet above sea level. I have been breeding since 1999, but the Rancho-Snowfall herd name was originally the 24 year endevor of Rose Snow. I strive to breed structurally sound Alpines and LaManchas that are competitive in the milk pail and show ring while maintaining longevity.
705 S. Shields   Fort Collins, CO   80521
Telephone: (970)-420-4133
1156977974   Posted: Wed Aug 30 18:46:14 2006

Rebel Winds
We got our first goat in 1976. Except for three years when we were relocating, I have been raising goats. Alpines are my favorite but the Oberhasli is a close second. My best friend and partner in this special love is my husband Larry. Betty McCorkle
7055 Springtime Tr.   Oroville, CA   95966
Telephone: 530-534-7345
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Alpines, Oberhasli
996729819   Posted: Thu Aug 2 01:23:39 2001

Red Brook Farm
We are a small mini farm in beautiful Fauquier Co. Virginia. We raise goats, Mini donkeys, chickens, guineas, and peacocks. We are big into 4H and we milk our goats and our one Jersery and make yogurt and cheese, and love the great milk. It is busy butfun.
9002 James Madison Highway   Warrenton, VA   20186
Telephone: 540 341 4361
  Species: Goats, Mini DOnkeys, Chickens, Guienas
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Alpine
1139870278   Posted: Mon Feb 13 17:37:58 2006

Red Lotus
The Japanese are always ahead of the game, strong, diligent, yet quiet and peaceful.Here at Red Lotus, that's what I strive for in my Nigerians! Quality is what I breed and raise here, so stop by and see what I have to offer to you! All kids born here are handled from birth so you receive a wonderful little goatie to add to your own family or herd. Sincerely, Giga-Cat
1154138106   Posted: Fri Jul 28 21:55:06 2006

Red-N-Red Farms
Kristi and Rachell, we started goats in 2000. We have a small nubian farm.
Telephone: (269) 729-4411
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nubians
1131844793   Posted: Sat Nov 12 20:19:53 2005

Redneck Acres
Redneck Acres~~Raising Quality Tennessee Fainting Goats, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats.These wonderful Little Varments will capture your heart. Easy keepers, wonderful temperments.Spring Kids available Now.
1113469934   Posted: Thu Apr 14 05:12:14 2005

A remuda is the best stock available. It is a western term, traditionally used to discribe the cow ponies taken on a cattle drive. I'm Patricia Lantz. I have had Nubians on & off for about 40 years. This time around it has been a 15 year investment of time. We have some nice stock and have been up-grading. I hope to have a web site up & running soon.
214 296th st E.   Roy, WA   98580
Telephone: 253-843-1899
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Nubians
1098283268   Posted: Wed Oct 20 10:41:08 2004

Remuda is a western term that, loosely translated, means the best. Cowboys who joined on a trail drive were required to bring 2-3 of their best cow ponies. These horses traveled in a group referred to as the REMUDA. When we go to a show, we take the best we have, hence the name.
Telephone: 253-843-1899
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian
1134941185   Posted: Sun Dec 18 16:26:25 2005

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