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O Bar Livestock
1095304282   Posted: Wed Sep 15 23:11:22 2004

Silver Hill is the name of an area behind our farm which is located in Fauquier County, Virginia. I chose it as my ADGA herdname in 1979 when I obtained my first French Alpine dairy goats. It was also used as a breeder's prefix by my two sons, Robert and Patrick, during the years they were in 4H. Mary C. Fines
985138954   Posted: Tue Mar 20 20:42:34 2001

SK Dairy Goats - ADGA regestered dairy goats
My first goats, S for Sprinkles and K for kippy. We started in 2003 with these two and graduly grew. We have pet, milking, and show quality goats for sale, breed, pets, and stud. We are located in Jamul California. e-mail us anytime. and dont be shy to ask ar comment on our website and or goats.
Telephone: (619)216-4622
  Species: Goat, Horse
  Breed(s): Lamancha, Alpine, Mix, purebreds
1121742818   Posted: Mon Jul 18 23:13:38 2005

We chose the name SQUAW MOUNTAIN in 1976 because we lived on Squaw Mountain Road in Oregon, which led to the "real" Squaw Mountain. Previously we had used our last name, Echols, as a prefix for animals born on the farm. The first Saanen to carry the Echols prefix was GCH Echols' Melilotus, CL FS 90 with 92 mammary, 5 times TOP TEN. Under the Squaw Mountain herdname were does such as GCH SM Mahonia and GCH SM Sweet Talker. Over the years we added Lamanchas, and then Oberhasli. This past year we sold the Lamanchas to make room for the Washoe Zephyr herd of Saanens. We are on DHIR and will be having the whole herd appraised in 2001. We offer discounts on kids to DHIR and appraised herd, and a youth discount. Abcess-free herd on CAE prevention program. Inqui
9652 Bodega Highway   Sebastopol, CA   95472
Telephone: 707 829 3490
  Species: Dairy goats
  Breed(s): Saanen, Oberhasli
985454240   Posted: Sat Mar 24 12:17:20 2001

We are Joan and Harold Stump, and we raise French & American Alpines. We are in SE Pennsylvania, 30 miles north of Philadelphia. We selected the name Stump Hollow, back in 1981, because we live at the edge of a spot that the old folks, uphill in the village, always called the hollow. Harold bought the first goats to put in his newly built barn. I was only brought into goatkeeping when he decided to go to a show, and saw the quality of the animals there. At this point, I took over the breeding program. We are state Certified and Accredited. We are also on the USDA Scrapie Eradification program. We attend all births, and are on a strict CAE prevention program. We have never had CL abscesses or Johnnes in our herd. We love to see young people succeed, and have always allowed local 4-Hers to breed to our bucks. We continue to offer discount prices to both 4-H and FFA members.
750 Allentown Road   Telford, PA   18969
Telephone: 215-723-5415
  Species: Dairy Goats
  Breed(s): French & American Alpines
987505061   Posted: Tue Apr 17 06:57:41 2001

I fell in love with Oberhasli and decided back in 1989-1990 to start breeding purebreds, as there seemed to be such a challenge with them according to everyone I talked to. I thought if the herd could dream, they would be dreaming of their homeland. Also with improvements to the herd they were my "Swiss Dreams". I also have a couple pure Toggs, as my grandparents had Toggenburgs when my mom was growing up for their family milk.
330 Fairmont Rd   Chicora, PA   16025
Telephone: 724-445-7068
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Purebred Oberhasli
986486048   Posted: Thu Apr 5 11:54:08 2001

Back in 1995 I began a search for A dairy goat to provide wholesome, natural milk for my young children. I settled on the Saanen breed for their personality and milk productivity potential. I never dreamed that my first doe would start my love affair with goats! Transposing "serendipity" which alludes to an accidentally discovered good fortune, with "Saanens", I hit upon my herd name of Saanendipity...and I hope to achieve good things with the fortuitious discovery of these beautiful animals.
1004123646   Posted: Fri Oct 26 15:14:06 2001

Safehaven Nubians
Our herdname comes from a time in my life when I lived in the city and worked with conduct disorder adolescents at Ridgeview Institute, Smyrna, Georgia. I often dreamed of the time when I would move back to my homeplace in the Tennessee valley and farm as my family has done since 1740. Literally, my 'safehaven' and one day I wrote that name down and decided to call my farm to be by that name. After I moved back to Tennessee a friend of my mother told her about someone who sold goats in Greene County. That was how I found Paul Fox of Foxwood Nubians (and a lifelong friend!) and got my first Nubians. That was in 1991 and I have been going strong ever since with Nubians. In 1996 I married a 'city boy' who made a rapid transition to the country life. David has become every bit as good with livestock as I. David E. Raybon and Donna R. Myers-Raybon 1101 Sager Road Dandridge, Tennessee 865-475-0919
1101 Sager Road   Dandridge, TN   37725
Telephone: 865-475-0919
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian, American and purebred
1126147680   Posted: Wed Sep 7 22:48:00 2005

Sand Rock's
I'm Deb McCall. I started in goats back in 1991 with 2 Nubian doe kids and a buckling.Over the years I've added LaMancha's to the herd.I breed for high milk and butterfat production. At one time my herd numbered at over 100,but I'm currently at a more manageable number of 20.
4060 Miller Rd   Guysville, OH   45735-9500
Telephone: 740-662-GOAT
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Nubian, LaMancha, Experimentals
1093446801   Posted: Wed Aug 25 11:13:21 2004

My mother started keeping goats in 1972 as a move to the countryside prompted a need for a regular supply of milk. At that time we lived in a small village on the Welsh Borders called 'Nantmawr' and when she finally decided to go into pedigree goats, Mum gave her herd the 'Nant' prefix. She finaly gave the goats up in the late 1980s and I acquired two of her goats. I kept these goats purely or their milk and the odd meat kid and had no interest in shows or breeding. But, in 1994, the purchase of a pedigree British Saanen male prompted me to start my own herd and so the Sandcroft Herd was born. The first part of the prefix is taken from my Christian name of Sandra, the second because we were living in a cottage called Woodcroft. It made sense to make that prefix a combination of the two. The irony of it all now is that we moved from Woodcroft almost two years ago to a place called, would you believe, Croft House! The goats are milk-recorded, whole herd CAE tested, and just about to become Scrapie Monitored.
Croft House, Olden Lane, Ruyton-X1-Towns,   Nr Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 1JD, GBR  
Telephone: 01939 261737
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): British Saanen, Saanen, Anglo-Nubian
1011294798   Posted: Thu Jan 17 14:13:18 2002

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