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Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association
The Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association (SGBA) was formed in the late 1970's and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1989. At the time of incorporation most members raised dairy goats but now the membership raises all types of goats such as dairy, meat, fiber, etc.
1074011490   Posted: Tue Jan 13 11:31:30 2004

Sawtree Ridge Boer Goats
Hi! We are Bill and Robin Cotten and we raise Boer Goats for meat and breeding stock at "Sawtree Ridge Boer Goats" in Atoka, TN (not too far from Memphis in West Tennessee). When we moved out to the farm in 1992, it didn't even have an address! After we got the address, we searched for a farm name. At first, it looked like we would call the farm "Cottenfields 2" since Bill's original farm in Crockett Mills had been called "Cottenfields." Somehow, this name just did not fit, maybe because the property was all scrub trees and gullies and very few real fields. (Ideal goat country, though) One day, Bill and his son were walking down what would become our driveway, and they discovered a tree that was a bit unusual - many years before, someone had been out cutting wood, and had left a hand-saw in the fork of a tree. Over the years, the tree had grown around the saw, leaving the "business end" sticking out. The tree sat on a ridge - hence, the name "Sawtree Ridge." At the time, we raised Appaloosa Horses at Sawtree Ridge. The first goats came to "The Sawtree" in 1997, and the last horse left in 1999. Goat population now numbers over 100, with new arrivals daily. Unfortunately, the sawtree itself fell victim to an ice storm in Y2000, but the name will remain. Visitors are always welcome, and we usually have a good selection of both fullbloods and percentage goats for sale at all times.
1636 Joe Joyner Road   Atoka, TN   38004
Telephone: 901-837-7827
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Boer and LaMancha
985062407   Posted: Mon Mar 19 23:26:47 2001

Scapegoat Sanctuary
We raise Tennessee Fainting Goats. Also known as myotonic, wooden-legged, or nervous goats. We do not sell for meat! Pet or show only. We have HALR goats, colorful goats, and blue or brown eyed goats.
Telephone: 615-443-0034
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Tennessee Fainting Goat
1086392091   Posted: Fri Jun 4 19:34:51 2004

Scar-Bar-O Ranch Pygmy Goats
We have a small farm near West Salem Ohio and have added registered pygmy goats to our list of animals. They have just been so loveable and fun, our herd has gradually grown to now have 8 brood does and 2 bucks and usually quite a few kids running around.
10031 Congress Rd   West Salem, OH   44287
Telephone: (330)464-5751
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): pygmy
1148872799   Posted: Sun May 28 23:19:59 2006

Scythia Farm Dairy Goats
Ann Showalter and Family. Herd was formed in 1983 in Ohio. Named after my favorite Great Aunt and Uncle who owned and operated a Hog Farm in Forncett St. Peter, Norfolk, England. The most memorable and enjoyable days for a youngster growing up after the war ended in 1945. Naming my herd with their Farm name helped to keep them in my thoughts even to this day.
62 FM 673   Mineral, TX   78125
Telephone: [361] 375-2634
  Species: Dairy and Boer Goats, horses
  Breed(s): Alpine, Nubian,Experimental, Full blood and Percentage Boer, Quarter Horses
1014429540   Posted: Fri Feb 22 20:59:00 2002

Sequoia Wood Registered Alpines
Our herd started out back in 2001 as a way to help my son with his milk intolerance. The first alpines we purchased were just used for family pleasure. We had no intentions to pursue showing etc. Our love for the breed just grew and I couldn't even tell anyone when my husband and I were in up to our necks with the breed we love. It just happened! We were fortunate to meet with breeders willing to invest in newcomers. Hopefully we can spark the fire in someone else to love the breed as much as we do. Feel free to contact us through our site.
1121124726   Posted: Mon Jul 11 19:32:06 2005

Shady Glen
My mom really came up with the name Shady Glen, I just reinstated it when I got into goats...something I NEVER thought that I would do. The Tale of Shady Glen: Back in the 1960's when I started into dairy goats, I found I needed to have what was called a "herd name" to be in ADGA and register the animals. I tried thinking of a lot of names, but nothing seemed to fit. Since our farm lay in the Mississippi River Valley in Illinois, I thought of things with Valley. Not quite right. But our property was surrounded by water in a way, Henderson creek meandered all around the one boundry from the top to the Mississippi, which was the boundry on the west side. We had a lot of woods around us, and from up on the hills, it looked like a nice shady nook, so to speak. or glen. That is how my mom came up with Shady Glen. She tells it better.
1006742337   Posted: Sun Nov 25 21:38:57 2001

Shalom Farm
We (Jim and Julie Gorrell) started our "farm" when we purchased our small 1.5 acre property in 1977, soon after our marriage, and raised a variety of animals over the years, including grade dairy goats. We adopted the name "Shalom Farm" after buying our first LaMancha dairy doe at an auction in approximately 1995 for a son's 4-H project, and needed a farm name for our new registered herd. "Shalom" is a Hebrew word for peace, contentment, and well-being, all of which we have received through our salvation by God through His Son, Jesus Christ(or in Hebrew "Y'shua Ha'Moshiach")
11631 S.H. 109   Delta, OH   43515
Telephone: 419-822-5021
  Species: goats, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks
  Breed(s): LaMancha, Boer & Saanen-cross goats
1043117845   Posted: Mon Jan 20 21:57:25 2003

Welcome to Shambrio, home of quality home raised dogs, horses and goats, since 1974. Shambrio is located in rural Caledonia, Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy this site. Please visit often. Shambrio’s main focus is breeding healthy animals with great temperaments. Shambrio was established in 1974 with the acquisition of a show quality Irish Setter. Since that time, Shambrio has been involved in Irish Setters, English Cocker Spaniels, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, and Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeens. Shambrio has produced over 40 champions, to date. In addition, we have expanded to include Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
12714 7 1/2 Mile Road   Caledonia, WI   53108
Telephone: 262-835-9351
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nigerian Dwarf  
1125972688   Posted: Mon Sep 5 22:11:28 2005

Shanghai Shaggies
We are near a little town out in the middle of nowhere, and it's called Shanghai - so the joke has always been we are out in 'Shanghai'. My husband tagged Shaggies onto it, and it just stuck!
coming soon
1120749786   Posted: Thu Jul 7 11:23:06 2005

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