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"Thunderheart" farm
I am Robin Doss owner & breeder of American Oberhaslis. My daughter Liz & I have been breeding goats for 16 years. We started our Oberhasli herd in 93'. At this time we have 13 lovely bred does, and 8 breeding bucks. In the spring of 2003 we will be offering for sale many kids & breeding bucks. I will be ready to offer also some of our nice milkers. I milk by myself, and 13 milkers is over my limit. This last summer 2002, we finished two Ch does. "Thunderheart" Lakota Magic, a gorgeous black 3 yr old, black in color, and she won Best Oberhasli Udder, at the REDGA Oberhasli specialty ring 2002. The other Ch is Clovertop Hazelnut Coriander. Fabulous body, very dairy. I purchased her from Lori Echols mid summer. Thanks to Lori, I will be forever greatful. This doe is rated # 2 in milk production for 2001. A wonderful addition to my herd.
1375 Ludwig Ave.   Santa Rosa, CA   95407
Telephone: 707-544-4609
  Species: goats
  Breed(s): Oberhasli
1038346062   Posted: Tue Nov 26 16:27:42 2002

T-Acres started out as an email address when we lived in Florida. I was originally from Iowa and the green acre thing was always in my face. When we decided to move from the big city back to the country we started looking for (T)en acres or (T)wenty acres really wanting the (T)housand acres. Oh yeah, my name is (T)anya and our daughter is (T)ayler and that fit, too. This is a nice tribute from my hubby Mike. As for species- We have five pains in the rump Nubian nannies, A neutered curly horned rescue named Mr. Bill (for dignity) and one old billy named Stinky Bill (most of you know why). We also have approximately 160 sheep of various breeds and sizes-Columbia being the prominent breed with the four-horned Jacobs being the most unusual. In residence with us are also 3 horses, 3 dogs, a flock of Light Brahma chickens, a breeding pair of emus (just had their first egg)20 or so rabbits <-- hard to keep track on that number. They also range in size from a 40 lb Flemish Giant named Shrek to the Mini Lops. There are also a slew of single animals that hang out here for our wonderful company. BUT back to the Goats. My husband talked me into them to replace the need for milk replacer for lambs. So far they have been feed terrorists, roof climbers, horse tail chewers to name a few of their endearing faults. Stop by our website to just say hi or whatever.
2802 Bluebird Road   Cascade, IA   52033
Telephone: 563-852-7527
  Species: goat, sheep, horse, cow, chicken, emu, rabbit, chinchilla, ferret,
  Breed(s): Nubian, Columbia, Suffolk, Hampshire, Dorset, Jacob, Appaloosa, Holstein, Light Brahma, Flemish Giant, Rex, Mini Lop, Albino  
1069537328   Posted: Sat Nov 22 16:42:08 2003

TCF Meat Goats
We started our meat herd in 2001. We previously had Angoras. Being a goat lover, I missed the critters when they were gone, so after 4 years of no goats, I was having a great time putting together this herd. We currently have 10 FB Boer does,2 FB bucks and 90 commercial does. I am expecting 40 does to kid between September and December. I will be offering for sale several bred percentage does.
Telephone: 937-444-3204
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Boer
1089259877   Posted: Thu Jul 8 00:11:17 2004

Take Heart
We love our little goats! Our herd name is from Psalm 27:14 which says: "Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord." It is a verse that has been very special in our lives, so it was either Take Heart Farm, or Waiting Acres. :o} We've only been raising goats for 3 years, and we don't get to the shows, but we try to raise the best milk and fiber goats we can. We strive to keep our herd under 2 dozen, so we can give individual attention and love to each goat. We have a large family that pitch in to help with them. We love our goats at Take Heart Farm!
1073709683   Posted: Fri Jan 9 23:41:23 2004

Tamarack Ranch
12575 Collins Arbogast Rd   South Vienna, OH   45369
Telephone: 937-834-1122
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Spanish, Spanish/cashmere, meat
1057501184   Posted: Sun Jul 6 10:19:44 2003

Margaret Ballard I started with dairy goats in 1964. Have been a life member in ADGA for several years. I have raised all breeds of dairy goats over the years. I still have some dairy goats at the present but due to a neck injury, when I was driving a semi-truck in AK 4 years ago, all I can do at this time is watch someone else take care of them from my front porch. Hopefully next kidding season I will be back in the barn and once again at the shows..
3922 Rice Valley Road   Oakland, OR   97462
Telephone: 541-849-2398
  Species: Dairy Goats
  Breed(s): Alpine, Nubian, LaMancha, Saanen
1030686450   Posted: Fri Aug 30 01:47:30 2002

Tangled Vine
Tangled Vine Farm is happily situated on the Central Coast of California in the heart of wine grape country. We enjoy panoramic views from our ten acre hill top home 15 miles east of Paso Robles, California USA.We have been raising goats since 1993 and started showing our purebred Lamanchas and grades in 2000. We usually have 7 does and 1-2 bucks.
Telephone: 805 467 2602
  Species: GOAT
  Breed(s): LAMANCHA
1124988934   Posted: Thu Aug 25 12:55:34 2005

Tennessee Myotonic Fainting Goats
We began raising Tennessee goats in 1999 with a small herd of 4 does and 1 buck. Since that time our herd has grown to 50+ consisting of predominately red and whites. Raising Tennessee goats is a real labor of love.
Telephone: 352-637-6182
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): Tennessee
1077825819   Posted: Thu Feb 26 15:03:39 2004

Thistle Thickets
Telephone: 301-407-0001
  Species: goats, rabbit
  Breed(s): Alpine, Oberhasli, Boer, Netherland Dwarf
1130004824   Posted: Sat Oct 22 14:13:44 2005

Thistlepatch Farm in Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains
Thistlepatch Farm is located in south-west Virginia in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We are planning and raising money for the farm. Building is planned to start in 2007. We offer souveneirs and crafts for sale to help raise money for our project.
P.O. Box 843   Springfield, VA   22150
1020238887   Posted: Wed May 1 03:41:27 2002

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