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Thorne-Crop Farm
The first thing I think of when I hear the word "thorns" is the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore during his last hours of life. Although that Crown brought about blood, sweat and tears....the end product brought about new life and hope. And that is how life on our farm has been. There have been moments of aggravation and lots of sweat....but all that hard work has turned out to be the dream that we have always wanted. We currently have 15 registered Newbian Goats. From these wonderful animals I have created homemade goats-milk-bath products and various other creations (lotions, lip-balm, hand-wash, etc.) We are currenlty constructing our website and getting samples and brochures ready for viewing. Please email us at the address below for any additional information or if you would like to become a part of our mailing list. We Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon!!
194 Edwards Rd.   Mocksville, NC   27028
Telephone: 336-492-5795
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Newbian
1116010751   Posted: Fri May 13 14:59:11 2005

Three Springs herd name actually originated when we raised show rabbits. Our children showed an interest in the goats. So in 1985 we decided to let them take market goats as a 4-H project. We bought our first goats then. We had an awful time catching the does in heat and naturally had to buy the kids their market goats. In 1994 we got bitten with the show bug. We have been showing ever since. We have been on DHIR for the last several years and have Linear Appraised. For 2001 we decided to take a break from all the extra's and just go to a few shows. We exhibited at the 1997 National show in Harrisburg, PA, With several of our does makeing the cut. Our Recorded Grade, GCH 2*M Capri-Fleet Valor's Abigal won the butterfat award there. We raise Alpines and Lamancha's with an occasional experimental popping up, one of which is GCH 1*M Three Springs REX Grand Finale, who is an exceptional milker. She won our first ever Best Senior Doe in Show. Our first Best Junior Doe in show was won by 4*M Three Springs LSS Nutmeg who has gone on as a milker to show very well. We have exported several animals over seas, and have sold many of our breeding stock across the country. Our herd has many notable herds in their pedigrees, the Alpines carry Sodium Oaks, Redwood hills. The Lamancha's have a lot of Lucky Stars, Clovertop, and Little Orchard. We are located in Southeastern Ohio, about 45 minutes West of Wheeling West Virgina.
PO Box 6   Cadiz, OH   43907
Telephone: 740-942-2398
  Species: Dairy goats
  Breed(s): Alpines & Lamanchas
985130677   Posted: Tue Mar 20 18:24:37 2001

Tiffany's Dairy Goats
Hello from Tiffany ! Raising Reg. Lamancha, Nubian, and exp. dairy goats along with several boers of seletive breeding.Kids from Champion does for sale. Home of '2002 AGS National Champion" 4B Cool X Press Tucker B. Located in North Texas just 45 minutes from the D/FW airport in Weatherford, email or call for a visit !Goats for sale  
1028056235   Posted: Tue Jul 30 15:10:35 2002

Tilted Halo Dairy Goats
We started in goats when a friend got a goat with a horse. Being the only one in our little circle with internet capabilities at that time, I was elected to search down what to feed the goat. That was in 1996. Today we now have Lamancha and Recorded Grades. Five does and three wethers - oh forgot, one wether is an alpine but we just overlook his little affliction (ears!). And as to the herd this house we try to be angels but sometimes our halos get a little tilted!
12502 Maverick Court   Tampa, FL   33626
Telephone: 813-818-0305
  Species: goats and horses
  Breed(s): Lamancha / Recorded Grades
1000510596   Posted: Fri Sep 14 19:36:36 2001

Timber Trails Ranch
Timber Trails Ranch was started in 1955 by Gerald C. Allman & Opal G. Shields Allman. In 2001 the ranch was passed to their three grandchildren; Jodi Bowdle Allen, James Jeffrey Bowdle, and Jay Phillip Bowdle. Today they raise Purebred and American Nubian dairy goats. Although they are just beginning their Nubian breeding program, they are working hard to create not only a professional atmosphere but also a fun place to live and work. Their families are striving to create the perfect balance in dairy goat breeding. Their herd is kept small for better management and quality care. All of our Nubian kids are bottle fed the old fashioned way just like our grandmother taught us as children, today we are passing on this wonderful family tradition on to our children. Whether a family member is 5 or 65, everyone at the ranch is involved with the hands on care of our goats which produces not only great dairy stock but also wonderful pets too!
114 Darby Lane   Frankfort, OH   45628
Telephone: 740-998-5757
  Species: goat, horse, donkey
  Breed(s): Nubian Goats, AMHA/AMHR Miniature Horses, Miniature Donkeys
1022569541   Posted: Tue May 28 03:05:41 2002

Trestle Creek Farm
Welcome to Trestle Creek Farm. Home of NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats.
1032446300   Posted: Thu Sep 19 10:38:20 2002

Triple S Farm
My name is Shane Shelton. My father, John Shelton and I have been in the goat business for 2 years and we strive for quality not quantity. We are abga registered and have a good breeding stock of boers. We have bloodlines of Kaptein,Mojo Magic,Tabu,Eggs...and many more. We sell top quality boers at reasonable prices.
Telephone: 336-552-3421
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Boer
1091341118   Posted: Sun Aug 1 02:18:38 2004

Troubled Acres Farm
Our farm started in 1990 when we moved to Martinsville and bought 42 acres. I had a horse and his name was Troubles so that where we got the name.. But the real trouble started when we bought our first Nubian goat that my daughter wanted for a 4-H project.. Well 1 turned into over 100+ and it hasn't stopped since... We love our goats and now that my daughter is in College I decided to really get into the Boers since they are more selfsufficient. We love goats and will always have them here on Troubled Acres Farm
481 Oak Grove Road   Martinsville, OH   45146
Telephone: 937-685-2026
  Species: goats, horses, hogs
  Breed(s): Nubian & Boer. Arabian. Durocs  
990297722   Posted: Sat May 19 14:42:02 2001

Truckin' Blues
Nubian goats, with lot's of spots!!! Located in Northern Texas. Raw milk is available for animal feeding.
Telephone: 940-210-8280
  Species: Goats
  Breed(s): breed
1048023440   Posted: Tue Mar 18 16:37:20 2003

Truckin' Blues
Hi! I'm located in TX, about 40 miles NW of Ft. Worth. I raise Nubians (having gotten my first, unregistered one in 2002), and am interested in possibly some Obies as well. I've been involved in Trucking (driving and owning!) since 1997. Trucks have given me a lot of headaches (thus the Blues part!). However, I love trucking.
258 PR 3829   Bridgeport, TX   76426
Telephone: 940-748-2126
  Species: Goats and grade horses
  Breed(s): Nubians
1082331632   Posted: Sun Apr 18 19:40:32 2004

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