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When it became time to come up with a herd name,I wanted windsong because the wind blows a lot at our place.With that herd name already being in use I dropped the "d" and still kept the spirit of the word. My name is Larry Nielson and I raise American and Purebred alpines since 1996.My bloodlines consist primarily of Mamm-Key and Stump Hollow at this time.I linebreed with a focus on type ,production,and health.CAE negative and abcess free herd.
Telephone: (970)248-9711
  Species: dairy goats
  Breed(s): American Alpine,Purebred Alpine
1061126945   Posted: Sun Aug 17 09:29:05 2003

Ziggy Acres Nubians
In 1987 we started our herd of Nubians with a purebred doe kid named Rosie. I was 4 yrs old at the time and ever since I have been hooked. So there we were my mom, brother, and myself looking for a good buck to breed with and we started our entire herd of nubians off that one doe. Today we try to keep about 15 animals with only a few going back the original lines.
985995945   Posted: Fri Mar 30 18:45:45 2001

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