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Dear Friends,

 The links below will provide answers to 99% of the questions we commonly receive. If your question or problem has not been answered with the information on the FAQ page, or in the information below, please send a note (or forward your original message) to us here:

FAQ sites:
General Help
Auction Site Map
More Auction FAQ

We've also pulled out the top questions to include in this message:
1. Most Frequently Asked Question: "Why do I get a password/username error message when I try to bid"?

The most common errors happen when you use upper case or lower case letters incorrectly. The password is case-sensitive, which means your password must be exactly as it appears in the auction records. The second problem comes frequently when folks copy and paste passwords and they inadvertently include a space before or after the letters in the password. You will get a "cannot use non-numeric" or similar error message. Just try again, carefully including ONLY the letters! The empty spaces will be seen as incorrect letters.

2. "Help! I've lost my password!"
If you have lost or forgotten your password, there's a Forgot My Password link at the bottom of every page and on the Quick Jump menu. If you've forgotten your Username, there's a Forgot My Username link too! You can also change your system-assigned password to something a little easier to remember! Use the change password link at the bottom of the pages.

"I need to change my email address":
If you want to change your email address, please send us a request to  with your username/alias and new email address, and we can update it for you. Without your username/alias we cannot access your information without extensive research.

3. "I put in $500.00 and I meant to put $5.00!"
If you made an error with a bid, please send us the URL of the item (go to the item and copy the address in your browser window and paste it in a message to us), or tell us the name of the item, and the category where it appears. Tell us the correct amount you wanted to bid. Please only request a change if you made an error, not just changed your mind! To avoid errors, proofread your amount before submitting!

Please remember that this is a free auction site, so we may not have time/resources to quickly respond to questions, as we are spending time responding to our customers for our various businesses. We'll do our best to answer auction questions as quickly as possible!

Good luck at the auction!

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We hope you enjoy the Auction!



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